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Role of Salary and Benefits in Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating

The salary and employee benefits your organization provides serve a major role in recruiting, retaining, and motivating staff. While salary and benefits are not the "most" important aspect of your jobs, they definitely contribute to recruiting, retaining, and motivating superior employees.

Tips for Determining a Motivating Salary
Information online makes researching salary ranges easier than setting salaries has ever been in the past - but, also trickier. The role of salary in helping you create a motivated, contributing work force is inestimable. These tips will help you address pay and salary issues in a way that contributes to employee motivation in your organization.

Salary Trends for Forward Thinking Organizations
How to research salary, salary calculators, salary surveys, salary comparisons, basically, all things salary, online, is one of the most frequent requests for information received by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This makes sense when you consider the importance of salary to attract talented people, retain key employees, and...

What People Want From Work: Employee Motivation and Positive Morale
Some people work for personal fulfillment; others work for love of what they do. Others work to accomplish goals and to feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves. The bottom line is that we all work for money and for reasons too individual to assign similarities to all workers. Learn more.

What Is a Salary History?
Do you need to know what a salary history is? Want to know why an employer might ask for one from job applicants? Find out.

Sales Compensation: Retain Sales Super Stars
Keeping salespeople motivated can be a real challenge. What motivates one might not motivate another. Good sales managers know this and are always aware of where their individual salespeople are on that "motivational" scale. Sales compensation is a crucial factor in motivation. Learn more about keeping great salespeople with successful sales...

Key Points About Open Enrollment for Benefits
To get the most out of open enrollment and their benefits, employees must fully understand their benefits. Employers need to realize that benefits and the compensation package are key to recruit and retain employees. Learn more.

Starting Salary
Need to know how an employer calculates starting salary for his available jobs? Here are the factors.

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