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Employee Recognition Cards and More Success Tips

Employee Recognition Ideas From a Reader


Employee Recognition Cards and More Success Tips

Say Thank You at Work - Frequently

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In a recent article, I requested that readers share more ways in which they make their staff feel important.

Mary responded with several great ideas: "Giving employees employee recognition cards or gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and the anniversary of their start date in your office is appreciated. Add the dates for these employee recognition cards to your tickler system.

"This wasn't listed in your article. It may be that such a simple idea didn't make the list yet it's still one of the best. A single sheet in each day's file listing tomorrow's important events gives you time to put your added personal touch to happy memories. Having a ready stash of employee recognition cards replenished quarterly really helps keep this simple.

"A follow-up letter when a worker's suggestion is accepted, and again when that acceptance blooms into reality, creates the paper trail of their value to you as their employer. These employee recognition cards and letters have even been framed and hung over fireplaces.

"Providing a follow up letter if an employee or peer's name (or their spouse or child's name) appears in the local or national news is another great way to bond with people. They will remember such a letter fondly for a long time. And, keep the clippings in their file folder with your copy of the employee recognition card or letter.

"If your company budget sets money aside for various charities, use a part of that money to match employee donations to their local schools, churches, or causes. This communicates that employees' family values are respected.

"When these employees request permission to post a flyer on company property, have a place where the posting will be seen by most of the employees and staff. Support their involvement with personal involvement of your own if you believe it is warranted. Again, an employee will remember this support for a long time."

Thank you, Mary. I am always looking for reader submissions of ideas, sample policies, sample forms, sample checklists, your favorite quotes and words to live by, and ideas for creating forward thinking workplaces.

You can always comment on every blog post, or send an email to me at humanresources@aboutguide.com.

I accept articles for potential publication, too, but only if they have not already been published. I am easy to reach, and try to be responsive, when you want to share ideas.

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