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Sample Formal Employee Thank You Letter

How to Write a Formal Employee Thank You Letter


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Here is a sample thank you letter that an employer can write to an employee to recognize the employee's good work. This is a more formal employee thank you letter sample. Keep in mind that a thank you letter is also appropriate from coworkers, employees in different departments, managers, supervisors, and executives, as well as from the employee's boss.

Thank you letters and other employee recognition methods are well-received when they are presented effectively:

  • Timely to the event or contribution for which you are recognizing the employee.

  • As specific as possible about why you are recognizing the employee. In addition to wanting the employee to feel rewarded and recognized, you are also communicating the actions or behaviors that you'd like to see more of from the employee.
  • Randomly presented so that employees don't begin to feel as if every time they make a contribution, a formal thank you letter will be forthcoming from the manager.

Frequent thank you letters are an excellent addition to a leader's work tool kit. Here's a sample that you can use as a guide when you write your own employee thank you letter.

Formal Thank You Letter Example

Dear Mary,

Today's presentation went very well and was well received by the department managers; I was also pleased to see that the team accomplished its key goals. I want to personally thank you for informally assisting your project team to stay on track and on target to meet their goals.

Without your willingness to step up and, despite some push back from team members, persist in keeping the team on track, the project would certainly have strayed off course. That would have been bad for business results this year.

Specifically, your scheduling of meetings with a specific purpose, your use of an agenda with time allotments, your meeting minutes distributed within 24 hours, and your excellent meeting facilitation really helped the team progress.

On the creative side, taking the team on a field trip to see what several non-competing companies had done on a similar project appears to have been a key success factor, too.

Again, thank you. The project was well worth your time and investment and, on behalf of the management team, I want you to know that we really appreciate your efforts.



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