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Clay C. Scroggin Biography


Clay C. Scroggin Biography Copyright Clay Scroggin

Clay C. Scroggin is currently President of CompareHRIS.com. For the past 15 years Clay C. Scroggin has worked in the Human Resources and Payroll Software Industry. During that time, Clay, and those who have worked for him, have sold and implemented hundreds of HR Software, HRIS and HRMS systems.

In 2007, Clay began working on CompareHRIS.com, which is a comprehensive online resource available for those looking to select HR software, HRIS, or HRMS applications. The site contains two free tools to assist HR professionals to find HR systems that provide the closest match to their unique needs. There is also a large database of articles pertaining to HR software on the site and an HR software technology forum for any questions you may have.

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