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Biography of Isabelle Albanese


Biography of Isabelle Albanese
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Isabelle Albanese, Principal and Founder of Consumer Truth Ltd., is a nationally known marketing and communications expert, a leading marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies, and the author of The 4Cs of Truth in Communications: How to Identify, Discuss, Evaluate, and Present Stand-out, Effective Communication (Paramount Market Publishing). Her Web site is: Consumer Truth Ltd.

After earning her BS in business from DePaul University and attending business school at DePaul and the University of Chicago, Albanese earned her real-world chops at the venerated Ted Bates Advertising Agency in New York, where she started out as account manager on the M&M Mars confection brands.

Later, she served as senior vice president at J. Walter Thompson Advertising, where she spent 11 years in both the New York and Chicago offices, playing a key role in the strategic communications efforts of leading consumer packaged goods brands such as Nestle, Helene Curtis (Unilever) Hair Care, Miracle Whip (Kraft Foods), and Trident Gum (Warner-Lambert/Pfizer).

Since 1999, Albanese has led the highly regarded consulting firm, Consumer Truth Ltd., which has earned a global reputation for its consumer insight– driven approach to strategic messaging. She and her business partner and husband, Ken Quaas, a former advertising agency veteran, have actively applied the 4Cs model hundreds of times to objectively validate and optimize consumer response to communications efforts of top American brands, as well as those of many other brands for advertising agency partners such as J. Walter Thompson, Foote Cone & Belding, Leo Burnett, Element 79, and Ogilvy and Mather.

She has presented the 4Cs model to rave reviews at international conferences among both client and colleague audiences. Through conducting upwards of 1,000 group discovery sessions, one-on-one interviews, and in-home/on-site ethnographies, Albanese has developed an expertise for hearing and innately understanding consumer truths.

Albanese is certified by the Marketing Research Association at the "Expert" level as a Professional Research Consultant (PRC), and is an active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) and the American Marketing Association. She lives in suburban Chicago with her husband, Ken Quaas, and their three children.

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