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Creative Staffing at Legoland


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Employee Selection at Legoland
picture of Andrew Johnson, Master Builder, Legoland, Chicago

Andrew Johnson Was Selected as the Master Builder

Copyright Legoland, Chicago

As a result of the competition, Andrew Johnson was named the new Master Model Builder of Legoland Discovery Center Chicago after competing for the job against seven other finalists during a public build-off event at the Center. In his new role as Master Model Builder, Johnson will be responsible for developing new models for the thousands of children and families who visit the Center.

"This is a dream come true," Johnson said. "It's rare to be able to do what you love and get paid for it, and I love LEGO. Not many people can say they get paid to play with LEGO."

"Andrew has now joined an elite class of LEGO builders, and we are excited to add him to our Legoland Discovery Center team," said Cassi Weber, general manager. "Not only has he shown remarkable creativity and talent for building with LEGO, but he truly enjoys working with our guests and is a wonderful role model for the children who visit the Center."

Johnson, who is a student at DePaul University, said that he realized his love for LEGO as an artistic and educational medium while working as an instructor at GreenApple® Campus, a summer camp that uses LEGO to inspire the interest of children in architecture and engineering.

"With LEGO, there are no limitations," Johnson said. "Growing up, I never followed LEGO kit instructions. I just dumped the bricks out and started building. It's great to have that freedom of pure imagination."

You can view Johnson's Master Model Builder video submission, that he used as his application for the job. It's well done and inspirational.

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