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Find Employees Through Simply Hired


Find Employees Through Simply Hired

Simply Hired Is a Job Search Engine

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Help to Find Employees Through Simply Hired:

Simply Hired offers more than 5 million job listings worldwide. As the largest job search engine and recruitment advertising network, Simply Hired aggregates jobs from across the web to help job searchers find employers.

Simply Hired posts the jobs on its website and on the sites of 5,000 social network, media content, blog, and niche website partners. The company partners with MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook and helps employers find employees. Employers and recruiters obtain premium placement for their openings, across the Simply Hired network, by advertising job listings in a pay-per-click (PPC) program.

More Employer Services From Simply Hired:

Employers can include their jobs in the Simply Hired database of jobs at no cost. Simply Hired will crawl the employer’s job or career site pages or employers can submit their job openings via a direct feed. Participating in the pay-per-click advertising program moves the jobs out of the general job listings to the top premium placement on the web pages.

In addition, since the job postings are distributed through the SimplyHired network, an employer’s job posting appears on over 5,000 sites. These partnerships enable employers to find employees who are active candidates and passive job seekers from social networks.

More Employer Services From Simply Hired:

Employers use Simply Hired to lower their cost to find employees. They can post jobs at no cost and the jobs appear on the Simply Hired website and on the websites of over 5,000 partners. This service avoids the need for employers to list jobs at multiple sites. Employers who wish premium placement of their job ads to find employees, can participate in the advertising program. In a pay-per-click program, employers pay only when a candidate “clicks” through to their website job listing.

What Differentiates Simply Hired From Other Sites That Help Find Employees:

Unlike job boards, Simply Hired includes all jobs on the Web not just the jobs that employers pay to post on a job board. This means employers' jobs are seen by hundreds of thousands of job searchers. To find employees, this means the employer does not have to post their jobs to each job board, or any job board. The employer is also tapping into different channels such as social media to find employees.

When a job searcher clicks on a job, the click takes them directly to the employer’s site where they can read the job description and apply. (This minimizes drop-off during the recruitment and application process.)

Simply Hired's Main Claim to Fame for Helping Employers Find Employees:

Simply Hired provides employers a low cost-per-applicant with high quality candidates because of the large volume of job searchers who use the site. Simply Hired achieves this with volume and by reaching passive candidates through leveraging growing Web 2.0 technologies such as social networks, blogs, and Twitter. Simply Hired aims to obtain maximum exposure to help employers find employees on its partner sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn. They also leverage for employers the job boards they power: niche blogs and sites such as Business Week, CNNMoney,U.S. News and World Report, Workforce Management and more.

Simply Hired's Cost of Services to Employers to Find Employees:

For employers and recruiters to include their jobs on the organic search results throughout Simply Hired’s network is free of charge. Employers only pay when they choose to sponsor their jobs on the Simply Hired network to gain additional visibility and branding. The cost of sponsorship is based on a pay-per-click model and not a pay-per-posted job model. This means that employers only pay when a candidate clicks through to the employer’s site to see the job description.

Because Simply Hired does not host the actual job content, the employer benefits when the candidate is referred directly to the employer’s site.

Data That Shows Simply Hired Is Successfully Helping Employers Find Employees:

Because pay-per-click advertising is based on performance, Simply Hired can measure the success of a campaign by providing reports that highlight the:

  • number of clicks,
  • cost per click,
  • websites candidates came from on the Simply Hired network, and
  • how the employer's jobs are ranking compared to other employers'.

Simply Hired also integrates with most Applicant Tracking Systems to enable employers to measure how many applicants they receive. Ultimately, this tells the employer how many hires they made and how much it cost to find employees.

Account Managers help optimize employer campaigns based on their monthly budgets.

Does Simply Hired Specialize in Occupations, Locations, or Organization Levels?:

The SimplyHIred.com site covers all occupations, locations and organizational levels. With the special filters provided, a job searcher can filter down to specialized occupations, locations, experience, and even search for jobs based on companies that are environmentally oriented, dog-friendly and much more.

The Simply Hired network also includes specialized niche sites enabling employers to reach highly targeted passive candidates. For example, radRounds is a website community for radiologists that only includes job postings appropriate for that audience.

Simply Hired Website:

The Simply Hired website is clean and easy to navigate. I would suggest a clearly labeled employer button so that employers spend no time figuring out what to do. (I did not review their partner sites.) Take a look at the FAQs on the site. The quirky sense of humor demonstrated is a welcome relief from many super serious job sites.

The Simply Hired network reaches about 21 million visitors monthly based on data from Google Analytics and Quancast.

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