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Indeed.com for Recruiting


Services Indeed.com Offers for Employee Recruiting:

Indeed.com is a search engine for jobs that drives job searchers directly to jobs on corporate career websites, employee recruiting job boards, online newspapers, blogs, and association websites. Indeed.com searches thousands of websites that employers use for employee recruiting to post jobs and gives the job searcher a comprehensive list of jobs that meet or closely match his or her specifications.

This enables the recruiting employer to post available jobs in one location with the assurance that job searchers will see the available position.

More Employer Services From Indeed:

All searches that job searchers do can be saved as an email alert, so your newly posted jobs are delivered to potential employees daily.

More Employer Services From Indeed:

Employers use Indeed.com to lower their cost of recruiting per hire with these services that avoid duplication and job posting at multiple sites.

What Differentiates Indeed From Other Recruiting Sites:

Employers don't have to post jobs, as they do on other sites, because the Indeed search engine includes jobs pulled directly from your corporate recruiting site. Employers don’t pay to post jobs. In a style similar to Google AdWords, the employer pays only when a job searcher clicks through to their site to view the job description and apply for the job.

Indeed’s Main Claim to Fame for Recruiting Employees:

Indeed pioneered the search engine approach to jobs in 2004, and soon after launched the first pay-for-performance job advertising network for employers. By advertising with Indeed, employers reach millions of potential employees per month.

Indeed’s Cost of Services to Employers for Recruiting Employees:

Employers may sponsor their jobs in an effort to increase their visibility and traffic. Employers pay per click for each job searcher who visits their website. Employers can set budgets to control their spending on their recruiting traffic and can raise or lower their per click bids. Indeed does not require employers to spend a minimum amount of money on job searcher traffic.

Data That Demonstrates Indeed Is Successfully Serving Employers:

According to Paul Forster, CEO of Indeed, “Our clients tell us that their cost-per-hire using Indeed is significantly lower than alternatives. For example, Nokia's cost-per-hire with Indeed is 74% lower than its average.”

Employers can monitor their Indeed recruiting campaigns in their online accounts, tracking metrics like average cost-per-click (CPC) and ad position. Indeed staff will also help employers determine cost-per-applicant and cost-per-hire data on their recruiting campaigns.

Does Indeed Specialize in Occupations, Locations, or Organization Levels?:

Indeed is a comprehensive search engine for jobs, that covers all sectors and occupations. Geographically, Indeed has nationwide coverage for recruiting in the U.S., and also has recruiting sites in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and UK.

Indeed Website:

The Indeed website is clean, clear, and easy to navigate.

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