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Recommendation Letters

Employers can write a recommendation letter for employees who contributed to your company's success. Write a recommendation letter only for employees whom you would recommend to another employer. Otherwise, leave responses to potential new employers up to your Human Resources department. A recommendation letter is also known as a reference letter, although reference letters encompass a wider variety of situations such as character references, employment references, and personal references.

Reference or Recommendation Letter
You write a reference letter so that you can recommend an employee or a former employee for a job or other opportunity. Find out more about a letter of recommendation.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter
A recommendation letter plays a role in the world of HR and employment. A recommendation letter is occasionally needed, not preferred. Learn how to write an effective one.

Reference Letter Template
A reference letter is provided for an employee by people who are familiar with his or her work or character and who have positive remarks to make. The reference letter can be employment-related, personal, or it can attest to the character of the individual. Employees will request a reference letter for a variety of reasons that include both...

Recommendation Letter Sample
Do you need a recommendation letter sample to use as a guide for writing your own letters? This sample will help you write effective recommendation letters.

Reference Letter Sample
Here's a sample reference letter that you can use as a guide when you write a reference letter for an employee who is leaving or for a former employee.

Sample Reference Letter
Are you looking for a sample reference letter so that you have a guide to follow when writing your own? You can write an effective reference letter for an employee. Use this sample reference letter.

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