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Audience Participation - Readers Respond to Questions; Share Stories

Readers respond to questions, share opinions, and tell stories from their relevant knowledge and work and life experiences. This is an opportunity for audience participation. Join site visitors who participate and share your stories. Readers respond and interact with the HR site here.

Readers Share Their Worst and Least Favorite Workplace Events
Not so great events in the workplace and for Human Resources, managers, and employees happened from 2000-2009, the first decade of the century. When you look back at this decade, what will you remember as the worst happenings and events, your favorite happenings and events of the decade for you and your workplace?

Readers Share Their Best and Favorite Workplace Events of the Decade
Great events in the workplace and for Human Resources, managers, and employees happened from 2000-2009, the first decade of the century. When you look back at this decade, what will you remember as the best happenings and events, your favorite happenings and events of the decade for you and your workplace?

Common Mistakes in HR Practices - Common Mistakes in HR Practices
Everyone who works in Human Resources makes mistakes at one point or another in their HR practices. I'm not sure I've ever dealt with an HR question that didn't involve mistakes in HR practices. Common mistakes, too, since they cross my desk repeatedly. Between changes in employment law, supporting company initiatives, and walking the fine line...

Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever
At some point in most careers, you will have had a job that you hated. No matter whether your worst job offered you lousy or distasteful work, a boss you hated, or coworkers who constantly undermined you or complained, you remember the job as your worst job - ever. Perhaps the company was archaic or the company's mission just did't appeal to you as important or exciting. Whatever your reason, the…

Bad Bosses - What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?
Want to avoid becoming a bad boss? Afraid that you may already be considered a bad boss? Just want to commiserate with other people who have bad bosses? Here are your thoughts about what makes a bad boss, well - bad? Have more thoughts about bad bosses? Share them here.

Readers Share Stories About Their Good Boss
Nothing gets people more worked up than sharing stories about bad bosses. Bad bosses are legend and they impact worldwide workplaces in ways that are tough to quantify. But, bad bosses are key to lower productivity, unmotivated employees, and a failure to retain employees. My good boss, on the other hand, provides an environment in which employees succeed because they are informed, excited, learn…

Paths to Careers in Human Resources
People take many paths on their way to careers in Human Resources. Everyone has a story about how they planned for or transitioned into careers in Human Resources. Won’t you take a few minutes and share your path to a career in Human Resources? Careers in Human Resources are popular reading on this Human Resources site.

Office Party Blunders
I've covered the seven most common office party blunders. Now, your experience of office party blunders will be most interesting and illuminating for other readers. There are bad behavior blunders at the office party, but there are also missed networking and schmoozing opportunities at the office party. Share your experience.

Fire an Employee - What Is the Best Day to Fire an Employee and Why
Details employers have considered when firing an employee have changed in recent years due to online resources. Employers believed that it was unkind to fire an employee on Friday because the employee would be unable to weekend job search. The times they are a’changing, but some things never change. It’s still important to develop a solid...

Your Favorite Exit Interview Questions, Tips, and Stories
The exit interview is a powerful tool that you can make use of to listen to the feedback of an employee who is terminating his or her employment with your organization. How you conduct the exit interview will determine the honesty and usefulness of the feedback you receive. The goal is, of course, honest feedback that you can use to improve your...

Interviewing Tips and Questions - Interviewing Tips
The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. While the job interview may not deserve all of the attention that the job interview receives, it is still a powerful force in hiring. Share your best interviewing tips and questions.

You Know You're in HR When...
Readers write to share the problems they experience with their HR department. The problems shared often involve a failure to communicate, a misunderstanding of employee confidentiality, or a less than satisfactory outcome in the mind of the person writing. Employees just don't get the multiple roles played by HR. Are you misunderstood, avoided, loved, feared?

Share Your Goals
You've set some goals. Please take a moment to share your current goals.

Favorite Job Interview Questions for Candidates - Sample Job Intervie…
If you've interviewed candidates for jobs, you have interview questions that shine the spotlight on your best potential employees. Please take the time to share your favorite interview questions. And, tell us why you like the interview question and what you seek in the candidate's response. Share your best sample interview questions.

Research Candidates Online - Do You Research Prospective Empl…
The use of social and professional networking sites online to research and background check prospective employees and employees is increasing. So is the use of search engines such as Google. And employers are making hiring decisions based on the information they find. Is this right? Or, is the practice discriminatory and unethical. Do you...

How Do You Celebrate Holidays in Your Workplace?
Many workplaces celebrate annual holidays. Over time, as you celebrate annual holidays in your workplace, you form traditions and give employees fodder for stories about their workplace. These stories and the photos from the annual events help form the company culture, the environment you provide for people at work. Employees like to celebrate holidays in the workplace. If you involve them in cre…

Have You Been Bullied or Witnessed Bullying at Work
Bullying ended on the middle school playground - right? Wrong. Bullying at work is a serious problem that 54 million Americans have experienced. Have you been bullied or witnessed another employee dealing with bullying at work? What happened and how did you respond to the bullying at work?

Top Ten Reasons Social Media Should Rock Your World - Networking on S…
Social media participation is becoming an essential tool in networking with professional contacts, making new contacts, recruiting employees, and keeping in touch with the world. If you’re not participating in the top social media and networking sites, the world is leaving you behind. Why not become involved on the social media Web sites? What's...

What Are Your Memorable Firsts in HR? Readers Respond
Whether you are a manager, a business owner, or a Human Resources staff person, you have to start somewhere in your firsts with people. Your first hire, your first disciplinary issue, your first loss of a valued employee all leave a memorable impression. Share your memorable Human Resources Management firsts.

A difficult boss is hard to describe. He or she has habits, expectations,...
A difficult boss is hard to describe. He or she has habits, expectations, interpersonal deficiencies, and work methods that defy description. What bothers one employee about a difficult boss may be another's cup of tea. But, one thing is for sure: a difficult boss requires coping on a daily basis at work. If you have a difficult boss, no matter...

How Does Your Organization Destroy Trust?
Organizations often destroy employee trust. Organization leaders fail to share information with employees, so employees are not sure that they understand their work goals and company prospects. Leaders withhold the truth or mislead employees about tough situations and change. Coworkers destroy employee trust when they fail to discuss the whole...

How Does Your Organization Build Trust?
Organizations that foster and cherish trust as an integral value in their work culture build trust in hundreds of ways, every day. Actions as simple as distributing a company calendar that informs employees of all upcoming events and as complex as holding a weekly company meeting to keep employees informed, build trust. Readers share how their...

Readers Describe the Behavior of Their Coworker From Hell
Every workplace has a coworker or two who exhibit all of the symptoms of a cowoker from hell. They mistreat and abuse their coworkers, take credit for work they didn't do, and treat their coworkers with disdain, disrespect, and downright nastiness.

Gift Giving and Getting at Work
Deciding what to give your boss or coworkers for the endless gift giving opportunities that exist throughout the year is a challenge. Work gifts are not as personal as family gifts. But, work gifts honor work relationships and tell your coworkers they are special to you. Selecting appropriate work gifts strengthens employee bonds at work.

Witnessed or Experienced Discrimination in the Workplace?
I'm on a lifelong mission to help people focus on their similarities, not their differences. It's tough because discrimination is subtle, rarely talked about, and usually, unwitting. Otherwise caring, educated people would be shocked to recognize how their upbringing, world view, and environment influence their thinking – often unintentionally....

How Do You Keep Your Job?
In the attached article, I discussed actions to take while you are still employed when you think your employment is in danger of termination. Do you have strategies to share about how to keep your job in the face of potential employment termination? In these economic times, keeping your job is the priority. Share your tips for keeping your job.

How Are You Preparing for Potential Unemployment?
The employment market is fragile these days and unemployment may be only a paycheck away. Have you experienced a period of unemployment recently? Are you anticipating the probability of unemployment? Are you worried about the possibility of unemployment? If so, how are you preparing your family, your finances, and your life-style for unemployment? What do you wish you had done prior to your unemployment. Readers share their ideas.

Mistakes That Undermine Effective Management
Want to avoid the behaviors that readers identify that undermine your effectiveness as a manager? Readers share the dumb mistakes managers make when they manage people.

Your Best Excuses From Tardy Employees
Have stories to tell about excuses employees make when they're tardy for work? I've heard lots of strange, fabricated, wild, crazy excuses about why employees are tardy for work. One of my best excuses ever was the afternoon shift employee who was tardy for work and claimed that her grandfather's funeral had run much longer than expected -...

What Human Resources Staff Would Like to Say to Employees
Readers share stories about things they'd like to say, on occasion, to employees, but don't and likely won't.

Tips for Dealing With Deadbeat Employees
Deadbeat employees exist in every workplace. No matter how you define a deadbeat employee, it's not pleasant to work for or with a deadbeat employee. Supervising a deadbeat employee is the worst. Do you have tips for working with deadbeat employees? Readers share their favorite tips for dealing with deadbeat employees.

Weary - Are You Weary
Are you weary? No matter how much you love your job, love your employer, and love your life - or not - sometimes you just feel weary. Some aspects of work can really wear you down. Whether it's an obnoxious coworker, a bad boss, tedious tasks, repetitive responses, or just another time-consuming problem to solve, life at work can make you feel...

How to Deal With People at Work
If you've worked successfully for more than a couple of years, you've mastered much of the art of how to deal with people at work. Maybe you've not yet figured out how to deal with your especially difficult coworkers and bosses, but you know how to deal with the every day people at work. You've tips to share about what actions and behaviors work...

Share Your Job Offer Story - Readers Share Stories About Making Job Offers
Interested in the humorous - or not - side of making a job offer? Making a job offer is the final step in a long, staff intensive recruitment process. Readers share job offer stories that were fun, funny, heartbreaking, sad, maddening, and poignant. No matter your side of the negotiation table, you have a job offer story to share.

Ideas for Recruiting Employees - Develop Your Employee Recruiting
You can develop relationships with potential candidates long before you need them. These ideas will also help you in recruiting a large pool of candidates when you have a current position available. What works for you in recruiting great employees?

Employee Handbook - What Are the Contents of Your Employee Handbook?
What contents do you include in your employee handbook? These are the employee handbook contents recommended, but you are enouraged to add your thoughts about the contents of an employee handbook. Keep the discussion going.

Have a Training or Speaking Story You'd Love to Tell?
If you've presented training classes, attended training classes, or spoken to groups, you've experienced a funny, poignant, ah-ha, serious, sad, introspective, or learning moment. You may even have experienced a life-changing, work-changing, relationship altering event. I've shared a couple of my training stories and my speaking stories. Won't...

Have You Held a Difficult Conversation?
Difficult conversations occur occasionally at work. Readers share the topics of their difficult conversations and how the conversations went. Find out more.

Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever
At some point in most careers, you will have had a job that you hated. No matter whether your worst job offered you lousy or distasteful work, a boss you hated, or coworkers who constantly undermined you or complained, you remember the job as your worst job - ever. Readers share stories about their worst jobs.See submissions

Share Your Dinosaur Practices
Readers have nominated HR dinosaur practices, policies, procedures, and activities that ought to be extinct. Find out what they are.

Good Employee - Readers Share What Makes a Good Employee - Good
Interested in the qualities, skills, and attributes that make a good employee - good? Readers share their feedback about what makes a good employee - good? Please share yours.

Tips for Coping With Negative Coworkers
Have you had to deal with negative coworkers? If so, you're not alone. Readers share their stories about how they dealt with negative coworkers.

Readers Share Their Resume and Cover Letter Red Flags
Readers share the red flags that they watch for on resumes and cover letters from prospective employees.

2013 About.com Human Resources Readers' Choice Awards: Winners
Here are the results of the 2013 About.com Human Resources Readers' Choice Awards. Readers voted for their favorite or most useful Human Resources sites, tools, HRIS systems, and bloggers. See the winners.

Readers Share Thoughts about What Annoys HR Managers
Interested in knowing what annoys HR managers? Readers have shared thoughts on how to annoy HR - or much better - use these responses to know how to avoid annoying your HR manager. Find out more about what annoys HR.

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