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Project Management

Project management skills are essential to productivity and a sense of accomplishment. These links will lead you to some of the best sites on the Web with information about project management.

Manage a Perfect Project
Project management that results in the accomplishment of the goals and outcomes needed is planned and follows a process. Your HR Guide outlines the steps to a perfectly executed project.

Planning and Analysis in Change Management
Change is possible; the need for change is increasing; change capability is necessary for organizations that will succeed in the future; effective change management strategies rule. Learn about planning and analysis in change management. Check out the results of my change management survey about the affect of effective planning and analysis in...

Interview Questions to Assess Planning Skills
These sample interview questions about planning allow you to assess your prospective employee's skills and experience in planning. See the questions.

Project Management 101
About's John Reh discusses resources of people and time, budgets, and the scope of projects as they relate to project management.

Fourteen Keys to Project Management Success
Looking for those key issues to manage and accomplish as you pursue the design, development, and accomplishment of a successful project? For project management success, take a look at these fourteen project management musts.

How to Teach Yourself About Project Management
Michael Greer, a popular and prominent project management consultant, highlights ways to acquire and enhance project management skills without hiring consultants or investing heavily in training

Project Management Glossary of Terms
The Wideman Comparative Glossary of Common Project Management Terms v2.1 was developed by R. Max Wideman. It's an outstanding resource for project management.

Project Management Institute
This organization consists of over 250,000 members in the U.S. and internationally and is a professional association. It offers seminars, symposia, a bookstore, a research program, and a career center.

Project Management Software Selection
Match your project management software selection to the size, scope and goals of the projects you manage. A list of major vendors is included.

Spottydog's Project Management Guides
The Spotty Dog site offers a series of project management guides for each step in the project management process. Their innovative approach offers help for any P.M. professional. Take a look at this excellent information.

Ten Guaranteed Ways to Screw Up a Project
Michael Greer, Project Management guru, offers a surprisingly common list of ways to screw up a project. These include: pile them on without thought to how your organization's resources are already stretched. Give lots of responsibility but no authority to make decisions. Check out the additional eight.

TenStep Project Management Methodology
The TenStep Project Management Process extolled at this site is a methodology for managing work as a project. Each step is highlighted and detailed, and the combined process gives a good framework for understanding project management in a cohesive way.

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