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Poll: What Makes You Miserable at Work?
Are you miserable at work? Do you never feel good about getting up and heading to work on Monday? Do you feel unchallenged, unhappy, or not in control? Is your boss the worst? Do your coworkers engage in unjustifiable complaining all day long? Is no contribution ever good enough? Share your thoughts.

The Impact of the Minimum Wage Increase On You?
How much will the successive minimum wage increases affect your company? Most think, not a lot, but some employers are seriously affected.

What Do You Need From Work?
I've developed a mantra of sorts over the years that talks about what people want from work. I've added and subtracted items from the list, and I've explained them in different ways over the years, but theyve stayed about the same. What's your opinion?

Poll: What Television Program Does Your Company Most Resemble?
Tell us all what television show reminds you the most of working at your company.

Procrastination Poll
Putting things off until tomorrow really matters. It is the single tendency that is likely to sabotage your career. Answer the poll: When You Procrastinate, What Is the Most Frequent Cause?

Deal With Difficult People at Work
Most people have pet peeves about coworkers. And, why not? Even relatively sane and likeable people do things that can drive their coworkers to distraction. What behavior drives you the craziest from the difficult people in your workplace?

What Do You Do?
Please take the time to vote in the weekly poll in the right hand column of this blog. Different than my usual polls, this poll is a survey to determine your job title or responsibilities so I can write for the right audience. Also, aren't you just a bit curious, too?

What Turns You Off the Fastest?
To make it to an interview, a candidate has already passed a review of his resume, a review of his cover letter, a comparison against all of the other current candidates applying, and possibly, a telephone screen. Consider the odds of an individual's candidacy making it this far. Under these trying circumstances, you'd think the candidate's interview would shine. Wrong.

Color Me Purple for Team Building
In a team building exercise I have used for years, participants are asked to name their favorite color. Then, they are asked to list words that describe their favorite color. The consistently most popular color selected has been blue, then red. Blue words have included sky, serene, and calming. Red words have included exciting, daring, and noticeable. What is your favorite color and why?

Poll: How Much Trust Exists in Your Organization?
Trust forms the foundation for effective communication, employee retention, and employee motivation and contribution of discretionary energy, the extra effort that people voluntarily invest in work. How much trust do you have in your organization?

How Would You Describe Your Conflict Resolution Style?
When you are in a conflict, or ought to be in a conflict, what is your normal conflict resolution style?

Work Place Negativity Poll
The poll focuses on identifying the most common causes of negativity in your work place. I have suggested several but would be interested in your comments about work place negativity, too.

Do You Research Candidates at MySpace.com?
I'm a proponent of serious background checking. I even Google the names and particulars of our finalist candidates. You might want to beware what the prospective employer is reading and seeing online about you.

Poll: What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?
Here are my thoughts about how to deal with a bad boss. What makes a bad boss, bad, in your opinion?

Why Do Organizations So Often Fail to Meet Their Goals?
You set goals, don't you? Both personal and professional goals fuel your success. So, why do so many goals go unattained?

Weekly Poll: Research Candidates at Google.com?
Do you research your short list of candidates at Google.com and other major search engines?

Poll: Do You Research and Check Your Candidates at Facebook.com?
Especially colleges are researching candidates by school attended at Facebook.com. Do you?

Why Don't Employees Do What They Are Supposed to Do?
Employees, even good employees, don't always do what you want them to do. Find out why readers think this is so.

Poll: Why Is Creating a Personal Vision Statement Important?
Do you have a personal vision statement? If so, why? If not, why not?

Why Do You Stick With Your Employer?
I ask this question often and answers range from people like the work or their coworkers to inertia. Why do you stay with your current employer?

How Do You Deal With a Bad Boss?
Love them or leave them, that is the question. How do you deal with your bad boss?

Do HR Leaders Need Degrees?
In my book, HR leaders need degrees. Many of you hold a different opinion. Check out what my readers believe.

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