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Personality, Leadership, Career: Tests, Surveys, Profiles, and Quizzes

Interested in gaining insight into any aspect of your work, business, management, leadership, or career style? Take these personality tests, quizzes, and profiles for insight, thoughtful consideration, career education, and just plain fun and enjoyment.

What Cheese Are You?
I am brie. How about you? This one's just for fun, although brie did sound a lot like me.

Org DNA Profiler
Change management is the rule not the exception in today's successful organizations. Change is constant and some organizations deal with change better than others. Want to assess the success of your organization at change management and growth? Take this five minute survey to find out now. Then do the recommended reading to learn how to address the current stage of your organization's growth.

Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test
Test gives the same results, in the same terminology, as the Myers-Briggs. Learn your "type" for insights into your personality and leadership style. Taking the test is easy and informative. You'll learn your preferred style of interacting with the world. Plus, this site give you links to additional information about your "type."

Personality and I.Q. Tests
This site is so rich in personality tests, career tests, and fun tests to take that I linked the site for your convenience and enjoyment. Some of the tests are serious online profiles; others are just for fun. Take a look.

Organization Health Survey
This ongoing research project will rank your answers about your organization with everyone else who has taken the survey in the past. Find out how your organization ranks on issues such as trust, benefits, management, leadership, communication, customer service and employee involvement.

Job Skills Quiz
Think you are an expert job hunter? Take this quiz to find out if that's true. From Quintessential Careers, here are some excellent job hunting tips.

How Marketable Are You?
Are you ready to conduct a job search? Take this brief quiz to learn your score. Learn what you need to do to be prepared along the way.

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