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Organizational Culture: Corporate Culture in Organizations

Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace. Organizational culture is defined by all of the life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing, and so forth of the employees. While executive leaders play a large role in defining organizational culture by their actions and leadership, all employees contribute to the organizational culture.
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Culture: Your Environment for People at Work
Want to know more about organization culture, the environment that you provide for employees at work? Here's what you need to know for your foundation.

How to Understand Your Current Culture
Are you ready to take a look at the culture that exists in your organization? Your assessment of your culture may make you happy; your assessment may make you sad. Whatever your culture assessment teaches you about your culture, though, your culture is what it is. To change your culture, to enhance your culture, to benefit from your culture, you...

How to Change Your Culture: Organizational Culture Change
Are you ready to change the culture that exists in your organization? Your assessment of your organizational culture may make you happy or sad. Whatever your organizational culture assessment teaches you about your culture, though, your culture is what it is. To change your organizational culture, to enhance your organizational culture, to...

Cultural Fit
Want to understand more about cultural fit? It's a significant factor in interviewing and hiring employees. You need to understand cultural fit to choose employees who will work successfully within your organization's culture. Here's how.

What Is Culture?
Want a solid definition of what employees are talking about when they discuss your workplace culture? Culture is the work environment that you supply for employees. Employees are motivated and most satisfied when their needs and values are consistent with those manifested in your workplace culture. Find out more about culture.

Team Culture and Clear Expectations
Clear performance expectations are a critical factor in forming a teamwork culture. No matter what kin of team you're developing, a teamwork culture is your goal.

Role of Team Commitment in Team Building
Commitment is one of the critical factors in building an effective teamwork environment at work. Employees must want their team to succeed. Find out more about commitment.

Cultural Fit Interview Questions
Do you assess a job candidate's cultural fit when you interview potential employees? These interview questions will help you determine the potential fit with your culture. You need that fit.

Enculturation is a socialization process by which new workers adjust to, and become part of, the corporate culture of their new company, office, department, team, or so forth.

Trust Rules: The Most Important Secret
Without it, you have nothing. Trust forms the foundation for effective communication, employee retention, and employee motivation and contribution of discretionary energy, the extra effort that people voluntarily invest in work. When trust is present, everything else is easier. Learn more.

How to Demonstrate Respect at Work
For a respectful organizational culture, you want to heed these ten recommendations about how to generate respect. Find out more.

Build a Value-Based Organization
Does the environment of your workplace motivate, excite and retain employees? To ensure that it does, create a workplace with a foundation firmly based on your core values. Learn more in this article from Susan Heathfield, the About HR Guide.

How to Make Values Live in Your Organization
Your culture is the outward demonstration of the values that exist in your workplace. Are these values creating the workplace you want? Do these values promote a culture of extraordinary customer care by happy, motivated, productive people? Find out more.

Explore the New Science of Complexity
The science of complexity helps you better understand how organizations actually work. This will help you enable your organization to become more resilient and learn to change - quickly. Find out more about a change ready organizational culture.

Does Your Workplace Inspire Motivation?
Want to know more about motivation at work? You can create the type of organization culture that will inspire motivation in employees. Find out more about you can enhance your culture to encourage employee motivation.

How Stories Strengthen Your Work Culture - or Not
Are you interested in knowing how work stories strengthen and reinforce your organizational culture? Work stories have a serious impact on how inspiring and motivational employees find your organization's culture, the work environment you provide for employees. Do employees find your stories inspiring? They can be inspiring.

Assess Job Fit When You Select Employees
Looking for information about job fit? It's a significant factor in whether employees thrive in their jobs. Without the right job fit, an employee will never experience as much happiness and success as he deserves at work. He'll never achieve his true potential. Employers need to be as concerned about job fit as cultural fit. Here's why.

20 Ways Zappos Reinforces Its Company Culture
Zappos is uniquely successful at consciously forming and reinforcing its fun, customer centric, company culture. Find out what Zappos does to reinforce its desired culture.

Your Organization's Future Demands Agility
Like to know how to increase the agility of your employees, your work processes, and your workplace culture? You can foster agility with these methods.

How to Consciously Choose Your Corporate Culture
You can choose the elements that you'd like to see in your organization's corporate culture. Even when a culture has developed on its own over time, you can reform it. Here are thoughts about how.

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