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ZipRecruiter.com for Recruiting Employees Online With a Single Job Posting


Services ZipRecruiter.com Offers for Employee Recruiting:

ZipRecruiter.com enables employers to post to multiple free job boards with one submission to a single site. Candidates from all job boards come into one place where the hiring manager can review the resumes online, apply ratings, and make notes. Currently, ZipRecruiter distributes job postings to 18 sources, and is adding 1-2 new job boards per month. (The current list of job boards includes the largest free job boards on the web as measured by Comscore including eBay classifieds, Indeed, SimplyHired, JuJu, Oodle, Yakaz, OLX, JustJobs and craigslist.)

More Employer Services From ZipRecruiter.com:

For employers worried about candidate overload from posting to so many job boards at once, ZipRecruiter.com provides an (optional) candidate screening tool that can be added to any job posting. Hiring managers may require candidates to answer a short list of questions as part of the application process.

More Employer Services From ZipRecruiter.com:

ZipRecruiter.com also offers a resume database for employers to browse active job seekers by category.

What Differentiates ZipRecruiter.com From Other Recruiting Sites:

ZipRecruiter.com leverages the web as a job board as opposed to trying to be a job board destination site itself. Through whatever means possible (job boards, search engines, social networks) the company aims to distribute jobs for employers in front of job seekers.

ZipRecruiter.com’s Main Claim to Fame for Recruiting Employees:

ZipRecruiter.com might have built the simplest job posting solution on the web. Employers can enter a job and press the post to job boards button to broadcast the ad to more than 30 million job seekers.

ZipRecruiter.com’s Cost of Services to Employers for Recruiting Employees:

ZipRecruiter charges a monthly subscription fee versus a per job posting fee. All of their plans are month to month, and prices range from $59 a month for up to 3 open jobs at a time to $199 a month for up to 50 open jobs at a time. (Current pricing: March, 2011)

Data That Demonstrates ZipRecruiter.com Is Successfully Serving Employers:

According to Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter.com, "When we launched ZipRecruiter in March of 2010, 100% of our new customers came from advertising. Less than one year later, more than 30% of new customers come from word of mouth and we’re adding thousands of new businesses a month to the service."

Does ZipRecruiter Specialize in Occupations, Locations, or Organization Levels?:

ZipRecruiter.com is a comprehensive job distribution service that covers all sectors and occupations. Geographically ZipRecruiter currently services the United States and Canada and plans to expand internationally this year.

ZipRecruiter.com Website:

The ZipRecruiter website is dead simple. Simply create a job, optionally create an interview, and press the “post to job boards” button.

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