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Use Online Job Posting Sites for Recruiting Employees

Online job posting sites specialize in helping employers post jobs online for recruiting employees. Or, they use search engines to consolidate job postings from company websites or multiple job posting and search sites to attract job searchers. Use online recruiting sites to post jobs, search for potential employees, and recruit employees.

ZipRecruiter.com for Recruiting Employees Online With a Single Job Posting
ZipRecruiter.com enables employers to post to multiple free job boards with one job posting. Candidates from all job boards come into one place where the hiring manager can review the resumes online, apply ratings, and make notes. Recruiting employees with one job posting online is ZipRecruiter.com's claim to fame.

Indeed.com for Recruiting
Indeed.com is a search engine for jobs that drives job searchers directly to jobs on corporate career websites, employee recruiting job boards, online newspapers, blogs, and association websites. Indeed.com searches thousands of websites that employers use for employee recruiting to post jobs and gives the job searcher a comprehensive list of...

Dice.com for Recruiting
Dice.com is a career website for technology and engineering professionals, and the companies that are recruiting technology and engineering professionals online. Dice.com's mission is to help employers recruit employees online. Find out more.

Simply Hired Helps Employers Find Employees
Simply Hired offers more than 5 million job listings worldwide. As the largest job search engine and recruitment advertising network, Simply Hired aggregates jobs from across the web to help job searchers find employers. Simply Hired posts the jobs on its website and on the sites of 5,000 social network, media content, blog, and niche website...

You Can Garner Great Employee Referrals
54% of the companies that participated in a recent Towers Watson survey reported problems attracting employees with critical skills, despite the high unemployment rate. Of the surveyed companies, 37% report having trouble hiring top-performing employees. You can overcome the shortage of top performing employees when you create a work culture...

Use LinkedIn for Recruiting Employees
Social networking sites such as LinkedIn are key in recruiting employees in the connected world. By posting professional profiles at LinkedIn, networking for potential employees has become easier with access to talent like never before. Learn more about recruiting through LinkedIn.

Use Facebook for Recruiting
For employers, use Facebook to recruit employees in numerous and increasingly effective ways. These are a few ideas about recruiting employees using Facebook. Once the online place where students hung out and exchanged pictures and advice with their friends, Facebook has morphed into a resource for all ages and employers.

Employee Referral Program
Want to tap into the power of an employee referral program? A referral program that emphasizes potential employee referrals from current employees is a method employers use to find superior employees. In this age of online social media and social networking, a referral program has even broader potential to locate qualified candidates. With or...

How to Post Jobs Online
Think online job posting can help you find the best candidates for your jobs? Online job posting can. Here are the 10 best ways, including social media, to use online job postings to source potential employees and recruit top talent.

Online Job Application
Want to know about an online job application? They are becoming the norm for employers. Who wants to store hundreds of paper resumes when you can ask applicants to apply online? Learn more about job posting sites.

Manage Social Media Job References
Online social media sites enable employers to recruit from a larger pool of candidates. Additional uses of social media to check the references and background of prospective employees should be ethical and legal. Find out more.

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