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Train Employees to Train Coworkers

Teach Your Employees to Train Coworkers


Definite advantages exist for your organization when you have developed the training capabilities of your employees. Teach employees to train and you will increase the effectiveness of your internal training. Employees are familiar with the workings – both good and bad – of your internal organization. They should be familiar with the goals, the culture or environment, the company strengths, the company weaknesses, and the actual employees. This gives employees an advantage over a trainer who has to learn about the culture, the company strengths, the company weaknesses, and also get to know the people.

In a medium-sized manufacturing company, the security specialist and the team leader of the safety and environmental committee provide training in security, emergency evacuation procedures, and safety to all staff. They also train new employees during the new employee orientation. A long term sales representative trains all new sales employees about the sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) computer programs, cold calling and prospecting, and how to take and process orders. In the same company, a shipping employee trains, tests, and licenses all Hi-Lo drivers. Originally trained by outside firms, internal employees now train other employees.

These are additional ways to provide training to employees on the job. Many of these training options emphasize the role of coworkers and managers in training fellow employees.

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