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Use Affirmations as Passwords


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Smile Every Time You Enter a Password

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What do you type over and over on a daily basis if you use your computer to access email or the web? What allows you access to protected websites, to shop online and to gain entry to company email from a distance? How does a website remember you?

Your password, of course. If you're a road warrior, you use this access code even more frequently. If you have to type your password many times a day, why not make the password user-friendly? Why not make the password a positive affirmation? "An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that somthing is already so," according to Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization.

On the flip side, I have a work colleague who uses the word, "donkey," as his password. Imagine that! He types donkey over and over again all day long. How affirming! Other colleagues use family member and pet names. That's not as bad as donkey, but the usefulness likely depends on the mood of the relationship. Plus, those are easy passwords to identify and steal.

My policy has always been to use a phrase that positively affirms my value, my worth and my competence. If I have to type it over and over, why not use a word or phrase that builds me up? I don't imagine that this phrase would be any easier to identify than the often-used random numbers and letters.

Examples of positive affirmations as passwords (without the spaces and punctuation, of course) include:

  • I am best
  • wonderful me
  • life is great
  • money machine
  • I rock

If you are forced to use a mix of letters and numbers, as required by many websites, just become creative with your positive affirmations.

  • I great 1
  • I'm gorgeous 2
  • I love me 2

This is such a small thing you may be thinking? I disagree. I have used positive affirmations as passwords since the mid-eighties and I guarantee it's not. Why lose any opportunity life presents to affirm the special person that you are? And, especially, take advantage of an opportunity, such as using positive affirmations as passwords, that presents itself to highlight your uniqe greatness all day long.

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