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Brown Bag Lunches

Why Employers Might Want to Offer Brown Bag Lunches


Brown Bag Lunches or Lunch and Learns Enhance the Employee Experience of Work

Brown Bag Lunches or Lunch and Learns Enhance the Employee Experience of Work

Jacob Wackerhausen

Brown bag lunches or lunch and learns provide an opportunity to develop employees' knowledge, pique their interest about opportunities, and demonstrate the company's commitment to providing a healthy, value-based, motivational work environment. Here's more about why you might want to offer brown bag lunches or lunch and learns.

Brown bag lunches are developed to:

  • enhance employee learning about topics that are ancillary to work topics,

  • develop employee knowledge about life skills, the world, in general, and other topics of interest,

  • provide an informal reason for employees to gather to enhance team work and company values,

  • raise employees' level of engagement and motivation at work by providing onsite education, and

  • recognize that any continuous learning experience enhances an employee's knowledge and ability to contribute.

Topic Ideas for Brown Bag Lunches

The goal of brown bag lunches, or lunch and learns, as the meeting is sometimes called, is to enhance the skills, knowledge, thinking, and learning ability of employees. But, even more importantly, brown bag lunches are an opportunity to build team work and a positive work culture or environment for employees.

Thus, topics for brown bag lunches are as far ranging as the creativity and imagination of your employees. Brown bag lunches are presented by your internal employees or by external resources, as needed. These are topic ideas for brown bag lunches.

  • Options for 401(k) investments
  • How to take advantage of the employer's benefits company advice / counseling
  • Slide show from an employee's trip to India
  • How to play poker
  • How to talk so people listen
  • Techniques of speed reading
  • Time management tips
  • How to accelerate baby's learning
  • Fun places to visit in the local community
  • How to adapt a regular recipe for a slow cooker version
  • Productivity apps for various browsers or the Apple iPad
  • How to select hardware for streaming movies and videos
  • Considerations in writing a will and estate planning

Use your company activity, culture, wellness, or employee morale committee to schedule brown bag lunches as an opportunity to show employees that you care about them, the quality of their lives, and their ongoing learning.

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