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Management Development: Training for Managers and Supervisors

Management development is critical for organizations in which managers direct and organize work. Management development resources are featured here to help you develop managers who are effective leaders in your organization.
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Management Courses - What Other Management Courses and Opportunities …
I've suggested a number of management courses that managers need for success. What other types of training, management courses, and developmental opportunities do managers need to succeed in management? What developmental opportunities helped you to succeed? Suggest particular management courses and other developmental opportunities you think managers need.

The 12 Best Ways to Do On-the-Job Training
Want to know how to provide effective management development training for employees? The best job training frequently occurs at work in weekly training sessions. Here are 12 ways to provide management training at work.

Powerful Management Training
Management training develops employee strengths and their ability to contribute within your organization. A variety of management training is available in organizations – choices are endless. The management training can include internally supplied, customized for your company, ongoing management development. Management training can also...

Help Develop Employee Strengths - Not Weaknesses
If you want to develop the skills of your managers, focus on developing their strengths - not their weaker areas of performance. Find out why.

Group Mentoring
Effective relationships and learning are the mainstays of organizational success today. Organizations that find meaningful ways for their employees to connect are more likely to realize greater productivity, enhanced career growth, freely flowing innovation and overall improvement in employee performance. Group mentoring is a value-added tool...

Tips for Providing Mandatory HR Management Training
In every company, Human Resources (HR) training in many employee-related and legally-related topics is mandatory, especially for managers and supervisors. Here's how to make it fun and interesting.

How to Implement a Book Club at Work
Looking for an easy way to share information and develop employees at work? Form a book club in which a group of employees voluntarily read the same book. Combine the book reading with a regularly scheduled discussion meeting to double the impact of the book. Ask one employee to lead the discussion about the week's assigned chapter or two. Ask a...

Low and No Cost, Creative, Successful Employee Training Ideas
Readers share ideas about what they do to provide low and no cost, creative, successful employee training, development, and team building opportunities during tough economic times. These low cost, creative, successful methods for providing employee training and team building are a welcome addition to employee training and development offerings during normal business operating times, too. See submissions

Human Capital Institute
While I have not attended any of their offerings personally, HCI offers webcasts, podcasts, and opportunities to network and gain knowledge online. Sign up for an individual session or join for an annual fee that provides unlimited online access to management development and HR programs. Appears to be a quality offering and organization.

What Is Management Development?
Management Development is the overall concept or terminology that describes the many ways that organizations help employees develop their personal and organizational skills, either as managers or with a management job in mind. Find out more about what is included in your many options for management development.

Steps to Create a Career Development Plan
IntWnt to help your managers and supervisors develop their professional careers? Use a career development planning process to plan next options and a career path. Find out more.

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