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What Is Management Development?


Question: What Is Management Development?

Most management development does not involve outside classes. Management development is the overall concept that describes the many ways that organizations help employees develop their personal and organizational skills, either as managers in a management job or with an eventual management job in mind.

Building the skills of managers through management development options is critical to the effective functioning of your organization. This is because of the power of a manager to impact the organization through his or her oversight of the work of other employees.

In fact, the managers in your workplace are the single most important factor in employee engagement, employee motivation, and building a productive workplace. Managers are the key to employee retention and the main reason employees leave their current employer. So, the need for management development is significant and can provide a significant payback.

Internal Management Development Advantages

Internal management development has advantages over external seminars and classes. It presents and reinforces needed skills and management techniques. Internal management development reinforces the organization's culture and addresses the norms and expectations of the manager's workplace. It incorporates familiar workplace examples and reinforces desired organization direction, values, and goals.

Management Development Options

An employer’s training options are widespread and encompass many possibilities.

Management development can encompass such external opportunities as university classes, seminars, workshops, courses, and field trips. Employers can assist employees to pursue these options by paying for classes and seminars and tuition assistance for employees attending a college or university.

Internal management development options abound and can include the following.

Management Development Content

These are the areas of content that management development training, either internal or external, should contain for your organization to function effectively.

In addition to skill development, management development is also an opportunity to teach your organization culture. The norms, rules, and expectations in your workplace are uniquely yours. Even experienced managers will benefit from training in the expectations of your workplace culture and policies.

The focus of all aspects of management development is to enable managers to more effectively accomplish their job as managers. Don’t miss your opportunity to have an impact on one of your most critical resources.

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