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Top 7 Books About Consulting: Internal Consulting and External Consulting


Looking for ways to find clients, keep clients happy and hone your consulting skills? If you're starting a consulting practice, these consulting books will save you the time you might have invested in the learning curve. Internal consultants will use these consulting books, too. Experienced consultants may have missed these informative, special consulting books. They emphasize service delivery, marketing and how to run a consulting business. You'll be happy you checked them out.

1. Flawless Consulting

by Peter Block (University Associates) ISBN: 0787948039 - Recently updated, this long-term consulting book classic gives a complete picture of the process of consulting. From the first engagement with a client, to evaluation and ending, Block provides a step-by-step approach to building successful client consulting engagements. Use his six-step model to create your own successful client consulting engagements.
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2. The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond

by Elaine Biech (Jossey-Bass) ISBN: 0787940216 - This is the consulting book many experienced consultants know they should have written. Packed with tips for every aspect of consulting from managing the business to marketing and keeping clients, the book gives the experienced consultant many new ideas. Ever hear about fat envelopes? Know how to effectively work a trade show? You’ll find these consulting tips and more.

3. Million Dollar Consulting

by Alan Weiss (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 0070696292 - Want to make a lot of money consulting? Nah, you’re just in business to do good? Right? Wrong! You want to do good work and make a lot of money! This consulting book is the best book I’ve found to tell you how. Weiss covers it all -- from prospecting to gaining repeat work with current consulting customers. Best of all, he emphasizes the role of products, books and speaking.
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4. The Consultant's Calling: Bringing Who You Are to What You Do

by Geoffrey M. Bellman (Jossey-Bass) ISBN: 1555424112 - Consulting is about more than making money. Consulting is an opportunity to contribute to people and organizations in meaningful, personally rewarding ways. Bellman captures the essence of why I do this work. in this consulting book.
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5. The Skilled Facilitator: Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups

by Roger M. Schwarz (John Wiley & Sons Inc.) ISBN: 0787947237 - You'd look a long time to find a book that defines the art and science of group facilitation as well as Schwarz in this instant classic consulting book. Starting with an introduction to group functioning, he offers insight into all aspects of groups including how to play the varying roles of the facilitator and work with different personalities and problems.
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6. Marketing Your Services: A Step-By-Step Guide for Businesses and Professionals

by Anthony O. Putman (John Wiley & Sons) ISBN: 0471509485 - Focusing your consulting practice like a laser beam on a particular niche is one way to quickly grow a profitable business. Putman shows you how to define your specialty and target your marketing and publicity efforts to differentiate your practice.
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7. How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant

by Herman R. Holtz, David Zahn (John Wiley & Sons) ISBN: 0471469106 - This is the first book about consulting I ever read and it set me off on the right track from the start. Holtz wrote over seventy books, many on consulting topics. He emphasizes government contracting and earning engagements with on-target proposals. I'm sure he is still consulting in the life hereafter; those of us who remain will benefit from his advice.
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