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Looking for recommendations about the best management and leadership books? These management and leadership books are recommended by your editor and guide, Susan Heathfield. Take a look.
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Wholesome Organic Profits
Recent corporate financial scandals have called into question the quality of corporate earnings. Find out how twenty-two big companies thrive and prosper by consistently producing high-quality organic growth and homegrown profits. Organic growth does foster successful employees, company profit, satisfied customers, and measurable contributions.

Award Winning Business and Management Books - 2005
Business and management books that win prestigious awards are worth reading. Business and management books listed here have won awards, are widely recommended, and in the universe of published books, well worth your reading time.

Moneyball Hits a Home Run: Implications for Managers
Want to learn more about recruiting talent and managing a great team? Moneyball has the answers you need. My book review draws the parallels between baseball and business.

Top 5 Books About Management and Leadership: Lessons From the Military
Do you think of the armed services as rigid, hierarchical organizations? The reality is far from this. These books about military leadership and management lay out the the real picture.

More Lessons from Military Management and Leadership
Think leadership and management in the military services is top down, command and control? Think again. Would that prepare soldiers for combat decision making? Here are five more of my favorite military management books.

Books About Consulting: Internal Consulting and External Consulting
Looking for ways to find clients, keep clients happy and hone your consulting skills? If you're starting a consulting practice, these consulting books will save you the time you might have invested in the learning curve. Internal consultants will use these consulting books, too. Experienced consultants may have missed these informative, special...

Little Business Books With Big Impact
One current trend in business books is the short management book, often written as a story or fable. These business books are approachable, useful and may help encourage more people to read. These business books pack a solid punch in a small package. Read some of my favorites. I think you'll quickly agree with my assessment and understand why...

My Favorite Recent Business Books
Business and management books are most often boring. They offer few real world examples of the touted philosophy or recommendations in action, working in today's organizations. I've selected these books because they're the best I've read recently. They'll hold your interest and demonstrate theory in action. Get some great new ideas or gain support for your current organizational values and beliefs.

Books That Enlighten Management Thinking
My current fabulous book finds illuminate and clarify aspects of management, organization development, productivity, marketing, business and change. Not management books, per se; they address universal organizational issues. Find out more.

Management Books for the Human Resources Book Shelf
Certain business and management books belong on the book shelves of every Human Resources office. These are the Human Resources books you'll reference repeatedly. When managers seek your help to deal with problems or opportunities, you'll share or recommend these business and management books. Some are old, some new, but all are worth your...

Best Audio Books About Management for HR Road Warriors
Do you commute? Travel between offices? Drive to clients or customers? If so, forget talk radio and listening to music and news. These audio books about business management for the Human Resources road warrior will help you learn while you travel. Listen to business, management, and Human Resources audio books on tape. Unabridged where available.

Top Ten Human Resources Books for Human Resources Staff
Building a foundation library for you and your Human Resources staff? These book reviews will help you select the core Human Resources, business, and management books critical to your reference collection. Find the information you need fast with these recommended Human resources, business, and management books. These book reviews will save you research time. Check them out.

Human Resources Management Books for Small Business
Looking for recommended small business Human Resources books that will help your small business start Human Resources programs, processes, and systems that are legal and helpful from the beginning? Take a look at these books which help you address your small business Human Resources issues with wisdom and excellence. They'll bring you success...

Top 8 Business and Management Book Reviews: Must-Do Reading
These books are my current favorites for managers and business people. Management topics are often boring; these books offer new and useful ideas in a readable format. These books won't put you to sleep. I promise! These book reviews tell you why.

Management and Human Resources Book Picks and Pans
Management and human resources management books provide information, business success stories, new ways of viewing the world and basic management and human resources how-to tips and advice. If you’ve read management and human resources books for information, you've read some you've liked, you’ve benefitted from their help, and they're worthy of your recommendation for collleagues. Others do n… See submissions

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