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Index to Articles About Management and Performance Management on the HR Site


Employee Management

Once you have employees, how you manage employees and their work is the most significant aspect of managing your business. Find information here for effective employee management.

Management Tips

Want to be a better manager? These management tips will help you develop successful and effective management and leadership skills. These management tips will make you a manager people want to follow.

Leadership Development

The management professional has the opportunity to lead and impact the leadership skills of others. Use these sites to further develop leadership skills.

Business Ethics

Managers face business ethics challenges daily. Many of them deal with the ethical management of people. Learn more about business ethics.

How to Deal With a Bad Manager

Bad and ineffective managers exist in every organization. The worst managers fail to trust employees, don't respect employees and intimidate employees. Find out how to understand and deal with bad managers and bosses.

Interpersonal Work Relationships and Communication

Want to work more effectively with people at work? Whether your relationship is with your supervisor, manager, customer or coworker, you want to make your interpersonal relationships and communication positive, supportive, clear and empowering. Get communication and relationship advice and improvement ideas. Use these resources for communication and interpersonal relationship problem solving.

Employee Performance Management

Managers cite performance appraisals or annual reviews as one of their most disliked tasks. Performance management eliminates the performance appraisal or annual review and evaluation as the focus and concentrates instead on the entire spectrum of performance management and improvement strategies. These include employee performance improvement, performance development, training, cross-training, challenging assignments, 360 degree feedback and regular performance feedback.

Daily Performance Management

Managing employee performance every day is the key to an effective performance management system. Setting goals, making sure your expectations are clear, and providing frequent feedback help people perform most effectively. Learn more about managing performance.

Performance Goal Setting

Goal setting is the foundation for personal and business success. Goal setting enables you to achieve your dreams and achieve your resolutions. Goal setting is the framework for management success. Goal setting is the fuel that flames your onward progress. Learn more about goal setting.

Performance Measurement

People like to know how they are performing. You can develop an effective performance goal setting and performance measurement system that gives them this information. Find out how to establish performance goal setting and performance measurement systems in your organization.

360 Degree Performance Feedback

360 degree, or multirater, feedback is important as part of a performance management system. It provides employees with performance feedback from supervisors, coworkers, peers, customers and reporting staff. The performance feedback is usually part of a performance developmental plan.

More Resources

Want more management, business and human resources information? Take a look at these resources.

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