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Layoffs and Downsizing Strategies

Employment sometimes ends for negative reasons such as layoffs, downsizing, job termination or firing. Layoffs can be particularly difficult to recover from because employees don't often see layoffs coming. Even when they suspect layoffs are imminent, no one wants to believe they will be the employee to experience layoffs. Learn successful, caring strategis for doing layoffs.

Survivors Can Soar After Layoffs or Downsizing
If you do the right things right, you can minimize, and even eliminate, the negative organizational impacts of layoffs. Find out how to minimize the impact of layoffs and downsizing on your survivors, the staff that remain following a layoff or downsizing.

Got the Layoff Blues?
Here's hope and help. Whether you're an employer dealing with downsizing and layoffs or an employee looking for a new work home, these resources will help. Find job search ideas and interviewing techniques. Learn how the best employers treat the survivors of their layoffs. Get in touch with your dreams; set your goals; we'll help you chart your...

Best Practices in Layoffs
Best practices in layoffs matter for the employees you lay off and the employees who survive the layoffs. Employee layoffs allow you to cut costs while preserving your relationship with your most critical employees. These are best practices of employers toward the employees they must lay off. Find out how to help the employees who survive the...

Before You Do a Workforce Reduction
Before you do a workforce reduction, you will want to consider other cost cutting options.

WARN Act Requirements
The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) offers: protection to workers, their families and communities by requiring employers to provide notice 60 days in advance of covered plant closings and covered mass layoffs. This notice must be provided to either affected workers or their representatives (e.g., a labor union) to...

How to Cope When Coworkers Lose Their Jobs
Youre sad, youre scared, and youre worried that your job might be the next to go. Youre also relieved, youre thankful, and you feel guilty that you still have a job. Youre suffering from the loss of your coworkers, and despite being a downsizing survivor, you feel a bit like a victim, too.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Furloughs?
Furloughs are mandatory time off work with no pay. Generally implemented by employers as a cost saving measure, there are advantages and disadvantages to the use of furloughs as an alternative to layoffs. Find out more about furloughs.

In Danger of Getting Fired or Laid Off?
Do you think that you'll be laid off soon? You can prepare yourself for your next layoff before the fateful meeting. Here's how to see it coming and what to do to prepare.

Layoff Survivors
For whatever reason, your organization initiated layoffs, downsizing, right-sizing, eliminated redundancy, or cut staff. No matter what you called it in your organization, layoffs, downsizing or redundancy, you all have something in common -- survivors. Learn more.

How Employees Respond to Change after Layoffs
Following layoffs, your remaining employees will need to deal with changes to their team, their jobs, and their work environment. Here's how to understand and address managing change with employees after layoffs. Find out more.

Employment Ending Checklist
Employees leave your organization for good and bad reasons. On the positive side, they find new opportunities, go back to school, retire or land their dream job. Less positively, they are fired for poor performance or poor attendance or experience a layoff because of a business downturn. In each instance, you need an employment termination...

Layoffs With Dignity
Need to downsize your business? How you proceed really matters - for the employees who remain and the employees who are laid off. Treat employees with dignity. They'll remember.

I Just Lost My Job: How Am I Going To Tell My Kids?
Have you experienced a job loss through a layoff or downsizing? Job loss and a job search are painful and upsetting for most people. Additionally, parents must tell family members about the job loss and mitigate their fears about the family, the income and the job search. Here are ten tips.

How to Improve Exit Interview Participation Rates
Exit interviews are one of the best ways to get feedback from employees. If the employee has been laid off, he may or may not be willing to talk with you. But, always make an attempt to hold an exit interview and use the information to improve.

Pink Slip? What Next?
Are you looking at layoffs or downsizing in the near future? About's Alison Doyle can help you to know what to do in the event you experience a layoff or downsizing.

Alternatives to Layoffs
Reducing the workforce has become an automatic response for companies who need to cut costs to look good for Wall Street. Layoffs and downsizing are wrong. Layoffs are counter-productive. Layoffs should be a last resort, not a first choice for a skilled executive, says Management Guide, John Reh.

Sample Layoff Termination Letter
Use this sample layoff termination letter when you are forced by circumstances to lay off employees. You'll want to treat these employees with consideration and respect. Your remaining employees are watching and will be affected by your actions.

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