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David Monks: Biography


David Monks: Biography

David Monks

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David Monks is a partner at Fisher & Phillips in San Diego. With substantial experience defending employers, Monks’ expertise encompasses an extensive range of topics, from employee discipline and termination to investigations of harassment and misconduct.

His areas of practice include employment discrimination, labor and employment litigation, compliance audits and counseling, wage and hour law, employment practices liability insurance and independent contractor issues.

In addition to counseling employers and managers, he encourages proactive training and presents training seminars on preventing discrimination issues in the workplace, workplace investigations, and additional topics focused on workplace management.

Monks has worked with a range of organizations and businesses, including religious organizations, restaurants, hotels, school districts and credit unions, among others.

He earned his law degree from University of Maryland School of Law and has been selected for inclusion in San Diego Super Lawyers since 2007.

You can reach David Monks at Fisher & Phillips.

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