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Legal Job Interview Questions to Help You Select the Best

Sample Legal Job Interview Questions


Ask Only Legal Interview Questions

Ask Only Legal Interview Questions

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These legal sample interview questions will help you ask legal questions during your candidate interviews. Additionally, for each sample question, I provide guidance about what you are listening for in your candidate's response.

If you know the:

working from a prepared list of interview questions, you will ensure that you are selecting the most qualified candidate for the job.

Following are sample job interview questions. While a specific trait or skill is listed as the primary behavior, you will find overlap between the questions and candidate responses in the different categories.

In addition to these questions, you will want to prepare questions that explore the actual job skills and experience you have identified as essential for the position. Prioritize these skills and experiences and explore five to ten of them with the candidate. Your reference checking will also reveal the knowledge and skills of your candidates.

Feel free to use these sample job interview questions in your candidate job interviews.

Sample Job Interview Questions for Employers to Ask

Use these sample job interview questions when you interview potential employees.

Sample Interview Question Answers for Employers

Use these interview question suggested answers to assess your candidate's answers to interview questions.

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