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Index to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Human Resources

Human Resources: General Questions


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Your Questions about HR Answered

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Want basic information about human resources including a definition? Career planning, a career outlook and more? I've answered some of the questions about human resources that I receive most frequently in email. I trust the responses to these human resources questions will be useful to you, too.

What Does a Human Resources Professional Do?

HR Questions About Degrees and Credentials

Do I have to go to college and get a degree to work in Human Resources?

Do I have to have some kind of certification to work in Human Resources?

What professional associations for Human Resources should I join?

HR Questions About Jobs and Careers

Want a Career in HR?

How to Find Jobs in Human Resources - Fast

Human Resources: Questions About Related Popular Topics

Employment laws, guidelines, and information?

Performance Management (review, appraisal, evaluation) process redesign and development?

Sample and example policies, procedures, guidelines, and forms?

Design and development of a training program?

Human Resources: Frequently Asked Questions About this Site

How can I find out if a particular topic is covered on the site? You can check for the most recent content additions to the site. But the easiest way to determine if your topic is covered is to use the Search Box in the upper right hand corner of each page. Search on the topic about which you seek information.

How can I contact Susan Heathfield?

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