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How to Fire an Employee: Legal and Ethical Steps to Fire an Employee

Assuming that you have taken all possible steps to help an employee improve their work performance, it may be time to fire the employee. These are the legal and the ethical steps in how to fire an employee. Ensure that the company's actions as you fire an employee are above reproach. How you fire an employee sends a powerful to your remaining staff - either positive or negative.

Top 10 Don'ts When You Fire an Employee
Do you have to fire an employee periodically? Here are ten critical don'ts when you fire an employee and several ideas about how to make the firing less traumatic - for all parties involved.

How to Fire an Employee: Legally, Ethically
Need to know how to fire an employee? These are the legal and the ethical steps to take to ensure that the company's actions are above reproach - in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of your other employees.

How to Fire With Compassion and Class
Managers cite firing employees as the job they most hate to do. Sometimes, terminating a staff person’s employment is the best step to take for your organization. Sometimes terminating a person’s employment is the kindest action you can take for the person. In some circumstances, firing an employee is an immediate necessity for the safety and...

Employment Terminations – How To Avoid Legal Problems
Need recommendations about how to legally and ethically terminate an employee from their job? Ask these questions to make sure that the termination is fair and supportable. Then, follow these eight tips to minimize the possibility of a lawsuit.

Is a Poisonous Attitude a Reason to Fire an Employee?
"An employee with a tremendous amount of knowledge is tremendously bitter and angry all the time. She is very good at her job. She also believes everyone else is incompetent at theirs. This person used to have a leadership position..."

Employee Termination from an IT Perspective
Firing an employee can be a thankless job, but the IT department must help you do it. You need to restrict access to the company's information - before you terminate employment. IT can make this happen when an employee is fired.

Firing Employees Advice - What Not to Do When You're Firing Employees
Firing employees is never a pleasant experience but there are actions you can take that minimize the pain - for you and for your organization, and for the fired employee, too. What have you found is best not to do when firing employees? Advice about what works well, too, is welcome.

Fire an Employee - What Is the Best Day to Fire an Employee and Why
Details employers have considered when firing an employee have changed in recent years due to online resources. Employers believed that it was unkind to fire an employee on Friday because the employee would be unable to weekend job search. The times they are a’changing, but some things never change. It’s still important to develop a solid...

Sample Termination Letter
Do you need a sample termination letter to use after firing an employee? It confirms the details of an employee's termination and summarizes the information that the now former employee needs to know. You can use this sample to create your own.

Sample Letter of Termination for Cause
Need a termination letter to guide you when you write your own letters to confirm a job termination? Use this sample letter as your guide.

Sample Termination Letters for the Workplace
Need sample termination letters for your workplace? These letters provide guidance and an example for a variety of employment terminations. Take a look at the samples. They document the termination meeting and the final details for the employee and his file.

What's the Best Day to Fire an Employee?
Do you have an opinion about which day is the best day to fire an employee? HR practitioners have debated this for years - and the answer has changed with the advent of the Internet. And, readers share their opinions.

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