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What Is a Vice President?


Vice President Is Often the Second Line on the Organizational Chart

Vice President Is Often the Second Line on the Organizational Chart

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The vice president is an employee who is an officer of an organization in the private sector ( business) or the public sector who reports to (is below) the president or the CEO, and usually functions as the second in command in rank within the organization. According to Wikipedia, the name comes from the Latin vice meaning “in place of'.”

The second in command of the overall business, organization, agency, institution, union, university, government, or branch of government, Vice President is also a title used to designate the leader of portions or functions within organizations such as vice president of marketing, computer sciences, finance, customer service, purchasing, or community affairs, and so on.

A vice president may also head up divisions of organizations that report to an overall organization, such as an acquired company that is now a subsidiary of a larger corporation. In organizations such as banks, that deal closely with the public or in sales functions, the job title, vice president, is often conferred to obtain customer comfort and support. The public assigns a certain level of importance to a VP title.

In large organizations, vice presidents may have ranking titles. The executive VP is the highest level vice president followed by senior vice presidents, VP, assistant VP, and associate VP. All are management level positions with responsibilities that vary from company to company.

These are the specific responsibilities of a vice president.

Responsibilities of a Vice President

The responsibilities of a vice president can closely mirror those of a President as the VP heads up a more defined capacity or function, a portion of the organization. In cases where the vice president serves as second in command to the president with responsibilities over a total organization, the VP may lead particular goals or hold leadership roles within all of the strategic goals of the organization. He or she may also serve as the president’s backup where designated.

These are the typical responsibilities of a vice president.

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Also Known As: VP, Veep
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