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What Are Job References?

Definition of and Thoughts About How to Check Job References


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Call Your Candidate's Job References

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Employers are increasingly checking job references. To check job references is to request, verbally or in writing, the answers to a series of questions that you have prepared to ask former employers about your job candidate. Employers are concerned about future litigation and legal issues, so they are sometimes hesitant to answer your questions.

Consequently, in this climate, how to respond to another employer checking job references and how to check job references for your own company is increasingly important. Most job candidates have a prepared list of job, and sometimes, personal references. If you have decided you are interested in a particular candidate, ask for their job references. Do check the candidate’s proffered job references, but go beyond this reference list.

Use the employment application to identify direct supervisors and others who may have knowledge of your candidate’s work. Contact them for job references. Tap into your own network of colleagues and associates to determine if you can find additional job references about your candidate’s work history and accomplishments.

Responding to a job references check from another employer is the subject of my two prior articles:

In this article, I recommend a format to use for job references checking:

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