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What Is a President?


President Is Often at the Top of the Organizational Chart

President Is Often at the Top of the Organizational Chart

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The president is an employee who is the leader or head of a business, organization, agency, institution, union, university, government, or branch of government. President is also a job title used to designate the leader of portions or divisions of organizations that report to an overall organization, such as an acquired company that now is a subsidiary of a larger corporation.

For purposes of this Human Resources site, president refers to the head of an organization as in the person who presides over or is in charge of an organization.

Organizations use various job titles to designate the individual who leads the organization: some organizations have Chief Executive Officers (CEOs); some have Chairmen/CEOs; others have CEO/Presidents. Others have presidents. In organizations where a CEO exists, the President is second in command. In any organization, the titles may designate the same person with the same job – the head or leader of the organization.

As such, the responsibilities of a president closely mirror those of a CEO. Here are the most significant duties of a president.

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