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What Do Job Titles Signify?


Job Titles Are Displayed on an Organizational Chart

Job Titles Are Displayed on an Organizational Chart

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Job titles are official names or designations for the title of an employee performing a specific job. Job titles designate a specific role, in a specific job, that has a particular status, at a particular level in the hierarchy of an organization. Job titles designate the positions or job responsibilities of the executive management, management, supervisory, professional, and employee positions or levels within the job structure of an organization.

Job titles illustrate the reporting relationships and level status of various employees within an organization. Job titles, in some instances, may designate an individual as an officer of the company with particular responsibilities for which they are legally accountable in that position.

You will frequently find job titles and the organization hierarchy displayed on an organizational chart. Job titles are often a communication about and a reflection of your organization's culture.

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