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What Is a Job Offer?


You Can Extend a Successful Job Offer

You Can Extend a Successful Job Offer

Catherine Yeulet

Want a simple definition of a job offer? A job offer is an invitation for a potential employee, whether he or she has applied for a job, or not, to become an employee in your organization. The job offer contains the details of your employment offer.

The initial job offer may be extended verbally, but most employers follow up with a written job offer that may take the form of a job offer letter or an employment contract.

A job offer typically contains the salary that you are offering for the job, your standard employee benefits, the job title of the position you are offering, the name of the supervisor of the position, and other terms and conditions of employment.

The job offer may be negotiable, depending on the position. Early career to mid level job offers are usually not very negotiable because the employer has established salary ranges and standard benefits. The employer is not willing to negotiate outside of the parameters of a standard job offer for most positions. But, a few thousand dollars in starting salary may be available to the candidate who asks.

Factors such as the scarcity of the skill set, the difficulty in recruiting employees for the particular position, and the impact of the unfilled position on the organization, can have an impact on the employer's willingness to negotiate the job offer.

The prospective employee needs to review the terms stated in the job offer and accept or decline. Usually, the employer has set a time limit on the potential employee's deliberations. The employer expects the potential employee to sign the job offer and return it to Human Resources to accept the job.

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