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Job Postings


Applicant Fills Out an Online Job Application.

Applicant Fills Out an Online Job Application.


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Job postings are advertisements meant to notify active job searchers and passive job searchers that a company has a job opening available. Job postings have several distinct purposes.

  • Job postings contain a written summary or overview of the requirements and qualifications that an employer seeks to find in applicants for their job openings.

  • Job postings often emphasize the specific knowledge, work experience, education, physical requirements, and background that the employer believes qualified applicants for the open job will possess.

  • Job postings contain information about the company, the company culture and environment, and the compensation and benefits available to employees.

  • Job postings seek to attract the most qualified applicants with their mix of job requirements and the painting of an appealing, attractive, motivational work environment for employees.

  • Job postings frequently summarize the company's industry, its challenges, and the role that the applicant will play in addressing these challenges.

Overall, the purpose of job postings is to provide enough information and attraction so that the best possible, superior employees decide to apply for your job opening.

Job Postings Placement

Gone are the days when an employer placed his or her job postings, or classified advertisements, in the local Sunday newspaper. While some employers still put job postings in this venue, job postings are more frequently found online on job boards, specialized job boards, professional association websites, and in social media. Employers use their company website as their first priority in placing job postings online.

Online job postings offer a significant opportunity for employers. Job postings are not limited by the cost per word or the cost of column inch, as in earlier years. Therefore, employers can post significantly more detailed job openings to attract applicants.

Online job postings particularly emphasize qualification keywords sought in applicant resumes and cover letters, since many job applications are scanned electronically.

Widespread distribution of job postings through word-of-mouth recruiting by current employees in email and networking in online social media is becoming the norm.

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Also Known As: job listings, classified ads, job advertisements
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