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Conduct Informational Interviews


Conducting an Informational Interview

Conducting an Informational Interview

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Informational interviews allow people who are interested in a particular career field, job, company, or industry to interview (talk with) a person who is currently, successfully employed in a job in their field of interest. People who request informational interviews want to know about the job, career, industry or company from the perspective of an insider. They want knowledge and information about real life experiences that extends beyond what they can read in a book or hear about from a career counselor.

Informational interviews are requested by:

  • internal employees who are curious about other jobs in the company,
  • external individuals who are interested in the field, job, company, or industry of the person with whom they request an informational interview,
  • job searchers who want to know about the job, the field, the company, the industry, and the career potential of their identified area of interest, and
  • job searchers and others who want to develop a networking relationship with an individual who is employed in their field, job, company, or industry of interest and who may have access to jobs and employment information that will benefit the job searcher in his or her job search.

Participating in informational interviews is a kindness on your part and it provides you with the opportunity to influence people entering your field. Informational interviews also broaden you own network and help you exert influence on your field of expertise. Informational interviews may also help you identify candidates for your jobs and other professional opportunities such as membership in your industry’s professional association. Plus, it’s fun to share what you know in informational interviews.

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Also Known As: information interview
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