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What Is the Human Resource Department?

Definition of the Human Resource Department


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Question: What Is the Human Resource Department?

Answer: Departments are the entities organizations form to organize people, reporting relationships, and work in a way that best supports the accomplishment of the organization's goals. Departments are usually organized by functions such as human resources, marketing, administration, and sales.

But, a department can be organized in any way that makes sense for the customer. Departments can also be organized by customer, by product, or by region of the world.

The forward thinking human resource department is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, and people-friendly guidelines and support within companies. Additionally, the human resource function serves to make sure that the company mission, vision, values or guiding principles, the company metrics, and the factors that keep the company guided toward success are optimized.

The most common Human Resource jobs that are grouped in the Human Resource Department are the Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Generalist, and Human Resources Assistant. Additionally, some organizations have a Vice President of Human Resources.

Additionally, HR departments in larger organizations have employees who are organized around providing a specific component of Human Resource services including compensation, training, organization development, and safety. They have titles such as Training Manager, Organization Development Consultant, and Safety Coordinator.

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