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Goals: Set and Achieve Goals



Goals are objectives, targets, purposes, intentions and plans that you intend to achieve. You set your goals to inspire yourself to further success and achievement and to measure your progress on worthwhile contributions and accomplishments. Goals are personal and goals are established to support the goals and objectives of your work organization. Goals are most powerful when they are written, measurable, and regularly reviewed.

Traditionally, appropriate goals were defined as SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. I have expanded the definition of SMART goals to capture the additional nuances necessary for effective goals. In this day and age, SMART goals are no longer definitive.

To accomplish the goals you set, you need to follow the six steps available in Achieve Your Dreams: Six Steps to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions. Wonder why people and organizations struggle to achieve their goals? See The Darker Side of Goal Setting to see why goals so often go by the wayside.

Readers share their goals.

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Also Known As: objectives, targets
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