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Employee Handbook


Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook Informs Employees about Expected Work Behavior

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An employee handbook is a compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations that guide employee actions in a particular workplace. Employee handbooks generally also include information about the company, employee compensation and benefits, and additional terms and conditions of employment.

Employers use the policies in an employee handbook to protect themselves from lawsuits, such as harassment claims, wrongful termination claims, and discrimination claims. Employee handbooks generally contain a code of conduct for employees that sets guidelines around appropriate behavior for the individual workplace.

Progressive discipline and procedures for making a complaint are also in most employee handbooks. In locations where at-will employment exists, the at-will employment statement is in the employee handbook.

Employees are expected to review and be familiar with the contents of the employee handbook. A majority of employers ask employees to sign a statement to demonstrate that the employee has read the employee handbook and agrees to abide by the contents. This signed document acknowledges that the employee understands and has received a copy of the employee handbook.

Additionally, the statement contains a disclaimer, similar to the disclaimer in the actual employee handbook, that the employee understands that the contents are simply policies and guidelines, not a contract or implied contract with employees.

Here is a sample table of contents for an employee handbook and a sample introduction.

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