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Exit Interview


Conducting an Exit Interview

Conducting an Exit Interview

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An exit interview is a meeting with a terminating employee that is generally conducted by Human Resources staff. The exit interview provides your organization with the opportunity to obtain frank, honest feedback from the employee who is leaving your employment.

Managers and supervisors are also encouraged to conduct exit interviews. Where trusting relationships exist, the exit interview feedback is useful for organizational improvement and development.

The exit interview is an integral component in your employment ending process because of the improvement information you can obtain in an effectively conducted exit interview. In some organizations, the exit interview is conducted as a component of the employment termination meeting along with the rest of the steps on the employment ending checklist.

At an exit interview, you can also obtain an understanding of the positive aspects of employment with your organization. You will want to use the information that you receive in an exit interview to retain critical employees and improve your workplace.

The key to conducting an effective exit interview is to create an environment in which the exiting employee is comfortable providing honest feedback. The organizational culture that fosters effective exit interview feedback is one in which employees are comfortable sharing ideas openly, encouraged to criticize processes and methods, and never punished for sharing.

You need to assure the exiting employee that the feedback he or she provides will be combined with other employee feedback and presented to management in an aggregated format. This helps the employee comfortably participate in the exit interview.

Employees worry about burning bridges and leaving the employer with a less favorable impression if they speak honestly at an exit interview. Your goal in conducting an exit interview is to create an environment in which the employee trusts that his or her feedback will be used in an aggregated format to improve the organization.


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Also Known As: terminating meeting, termination meeting, termination interview

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