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What Is a CEO: Chief Executive Officer?


CEO Is at the Top of the Organizational Chart

CEO Is at the Top of the Organizational Chart

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. The CEO has responsibility for the overall success of an entire organization. The CEO has the ultimate authority to make final decisions for an organization.

The CEO has overall responsibility for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of an organization. This includes responsibility for all components and departments of a bsuiness. The CEO makes certain that the organization's leadership maintains constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards, and so forth.

The CEO generally reports to a Board of Directors. The CEO serves at the discretion of the Board of Directors. If the CEO is also the company founder and/or chief stock holder and owner, the Board of Directors is largely an advisory role.

These are the most significant job responsibilities of a CEO.

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