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Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees' attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction. Other employee surveys measure training needs, job satisfaction, communication, empowerment, and more. Use employee surveys to discover what your employees think.
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Conduct a Simple Training Needs Assessment
The training needs of employees who perform the same or similar jobs can be identified quickly and easily with this simple training needs assessment. Quicker than employee surveys, this method takes an hour or two.

How to Improve Exit Interview Participation Rates
Do you try to conduct exit interviews when an employee quits your jobs? They're a measure of employee satisfaction and can tell you why the employee is leaving. Learn more.

Army Medical Department Satisfaction Survey
Here is an example of an online employee satisfaction survey. You need to take the employee satisfaction survey to view it.

Employee Attitude Surveys
Excellent guide to employee satisfaction - attitude surveys: tells what they are, how to conduct them, how to use them effectively, and provides sample questions. Great resource.

Job Satisfaction Survey
Sample online employee satisfaction survey. The company will compare your employee satisfaction with their national benchmarks.

The site provides a variety of customer and employee satisfaction surveys. Look here for additional surveys about training, telecom, ISO 9001 and more.

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