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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Use Disciplinary Action and Warning Letters

Looking for a format for employee discipline or a warning letter for employee non-performance? Recording discipline in the employment file or in a disciplinary warning letter is an employer best practice. See the sample letters.

Written Reprimand Sample
Need a sample written reprimand? This written reprimand is provided to an employee so that he or she understands that coming to work late is failing to perform. See a sample written reprimand.

Employee Reprimand Sample
Need a sample letter of reprimand? This sample letter documents your discussions with your reporting employee about her poor performance.

How to Write Letters of Reprimand for Employee Performance
Letters of reprimand are written by the supervisor at the point in a disciplinary action process that must be documented. This occurs after several coaching or counseling meetings. Learn more.

Reprimand for Disciplinary Action
A reprimand is an official notice to an employee, either verbal or written, that his or her performance is failing in some expected component. The reprimand is provided following the failure of informal supervisory coaching to help the employee improve. A reprimand is serious business.

Progressive Discipline Warning Form: Counseling Record
This sample disciplinary action form documents the disciplinary action, the employee coaching, and the performance requirements for improvement. Find out more.

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