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Customer Service

Effective customer service and customer relationship management, to both your internal and external customers, will cause your Human Resources department to be viewed as a strategic partner to management and staff. Your organization is more likely to use your services when you offer effective customer service and customer service training.

Customer Service Success
Want to provide impeccable customer service to customers so that you retain your current customers and gain more? These 7 tips will help you create a customer-focused organization. Find out what they are.

Customer Centered Communications
There are five steps to employee communication that is customer-centered. One is to tie customer goals to employee outcomes and another is to involve the customer. Good reminder thoughts that to bring the customer back, customer service means everything. (PDF)

Customer Service Mistake
What's the number one mistake people make when dealing with an angry customer? You probably think he wants you to solve his problem. Right? Wrong. What they really want is to be heard out and listened to and more ...

Cultivating the Customer Asset
Your customers gain value as you sell to them repeatedly. Check out the stages in the development of a customer service relationship. From the Graziadio Business Report from Pepperdine University, this is an interesting analogy.

Gathering Customer Satisfaction Data
Your staff can gather customer service and satisfaction data in ways other than paper/pencil surveys. You'll find that it is far easier to encourage your staff to focus on quality service by listening to customers than by any procedures or direction management can provide as oversight.

Selecting And Hiring Customer-Satisfying People
To hire people who are motivated to perform great customer service, you'll need to learn Intentional Hiring Integrity skills. The cost to your organization of hiring the wrong person is high. See this handy check list to measure costs.

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