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Unlike traditional media, business, management, and human resources blogs can be updated minute to minute. Business, management, and human resources blogs are interactive in that the best business blogs allow comments. Business, management, and human resources blogs reflect the special voice of the writer. Additionally, legal aspects of business and company blogs and blogging are discussed.

Submit Your Business or HR Related Blog
Submit your blog thst will interest the readers of this Human Resources site. Readers want to know about HR, management, employment laws and issues, career development, and how to succeed at work. Your blog will increase the resources available on the site for the many readers.

About Human Resources
Yes, you may not have realized it, but this site stays fresh and up-to-date with daily blog posts by Susan Heathfield, the editor and writer of the site. Here is a directory to all of the blogs. The most recent blogs are available on the home page.

Benefits Blog
Benefits Blog is a tax, benefits, and ERISA law commentary and news filter by B. Janell Grenier.

Blog Business World
Topics in this blog range from business to marketing and public relations. I enjoy the positive, uplifting style and the literate writing of this blogger.

Boing Boing Blog
Interested in blogging, in general? Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things is the most popular blog, in terms of links from other sites, in the world. This comes from Technorati, a website that tells you what people are doing online.

Build a Better Blog
Provides tips and tools for the business blogger. Not blogging yet for your business? You should be. Display your corporate culture, gain PR for your products, and attract candidates who love your style. This blog deserves regular reading if you do a business blog.

Business.com: What Works for Business
You can read Business.com's "What Works for Business" blog to keep up with the latest solutions, trends and strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Advice includes tax and legal issues.

Cenek Report
In the Cenek Report, Robert Cenek, who runs his own organization development consulting company after many years on the corporate scene, presents: "A fad-free weblog for the thinking business professional." Well-researched and well-written, the blog captures news that professionals will be interested in. I read his blog.

This blog provides guidelines for corporate blogging.

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers
Interested in writing a blog about business, human resources, management or your company? Here are your legal rights and the areas in which you need to pay attention to legal concerns. These legal guidelines are from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Evil HR Lady
The Evil HR Lady blog is fun and she started the Carnival of Human Resources that I participate in and, occasionally, host. She's a good, interesting read with a corporate HR perspective and a sense of humor not often found with business bloggers.

FC Now: The Fast Company Weblog
The webblog for Fast Company blogs about business issues ranging from human resources to books to management. It's an interesting business weblog.

Fresh Inc. Blog
Inc. staff writers blog about business, human resources, and management issues. Fresh Inc. will appeal to employers and employees who like candid comments from other blog readers.

George's Employment Blawg
News, analysis and comments about labor and employment law, human resources, and so forth, by a St. Louis employment lawyer who represents employers and a University of Missouri - St. Louis HR professor and consultant. Interesting legal commentary blog.

HR Daily Advisor Blog
The HR Daily Advisor blog and free email newsletter, the HR Daily Advisor, provides news on the latest issues in HR Management, summaries of white papers on key HR Management strategies, and updates on changes to employment laws at the state and federal level. I read this publication daily. You should, too.

Management Issues Blog: at the Heart of the Changing Workplace
This blog focuses on workplace issues, particularly relevent for the U.K. and Europe, but, with enough attention to managing to appeal to all. The site also features "thought leaders," that include Edward de Bono, who add blogs to the site periodically.

Monster Blog
The Monster Career Advice team uses this blog to range far and wide in discussion about workplace issues - and they do a nice job, too. It's a well-written, useful work issue blog.

Tom Peters: Dispatches From the New World of Work
Tom Peters, long time management guru, talks about the Power of Us or We in his business blog. The communication in the online world is bringing power to the massive number of people getting together online. Interesting blog.

Virtual Handshake
This business and networking blog emphasizes networking with other business people online.

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