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Best Audio Books About Management for HR Road Warriors
Do you commute? Travel between offices? Drive to clients or customers? If so, forget talk radio and listening to music and news. These audio books about business management for the Human Resources road warrior will help you learn while you travel. Listen to business, management, and Human Resources audio books on tape. Unabridged where available.

Top Ten Human Resources Books for Human Resources Staff
Building a foundation library for you and your Human Resources staff? These book reviews will help you select the core Human Resources, business, and management books critical to your reference collection. Find the information you need fast with these recommended Human resources, business, and management books. These book reviews will save you research time. Check them out.

Management Books for the Human Resources Book Shelf
Certain business and management books belong on the book shelves of every Human Resources office. These are the Human Resources books you'll reference repeatedly. When managers seek your help to deal with problems or opportunities, you'll share or recommend these business and management books. Some are old, some new, but all are worth your...

Performance Consulting, Measurement, and Improvement Books
Effective performance consulting and training can provide big payoffs for the employer in increased staff productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution. These resources increase your ability to do performance consulting, measure performance improvement, and provide resultant training using internal staff. Increase your self-sufficiency in performance consulting and improvement.

Top 8 Business and Management Book Reviews: Must-Do Reading
These books are my current favorites for managers and business people. Management topics are often boring; these books offer new and useful ideas in a readable format. These books won't put you to sleep. I promise! These book reviews tell you why.

Work-Life Balance: Your Family-Friendly Future
Spring is the season for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Family Support Month. Concurrently, work-life balance is a hot issue in the HR field. Searching for ideas and examples of innovative approaches to recruiting and retaining employees? Start here.

Top 10 Books for Job Seekers and Career Changers
Thinking about your current job search or a career change? For dads, grads and others, these books will help you find your way. Learn about the job market. Translate your most important needs, interests, and goals into a rewarding career. Find techniques for a successful job search. These are my long term favorites. Gift a favorite person with the opportunity to explore their desired future.

Toss Out Your Dusty, Old Appraisal System
Performance appraisal systems don't work as traditionally practiced. The people who do them and the people who get them, despise the process. You need to provide feedback and measure and reward contribution. Create a better system with these books.

Accelerate Your Work Team Success
Many people view team-based, horizontal, organization structures as the best design for involving all employees in creating business success and profitability. If you're intrigued by this belief, these books will help you capitalize on team power.

Predictors and Promises for Your HR Future
If you wish to jump start your progress in the HR profession, these books will tell you where to invest your time and attention. They are recent, on-target, study-based and key for professional growth. They identify key trends for you to adopt now.

My Favorite Recent Business Reads
Business books are often boring. They offer few "real world" examples of the touted philosophy or recommendations in action. I've selected these books; they're the best I've read recently. They'll hold your interest and demonstrate theory in action.

Little Books With Big Impact
One current trend in business books is the short book, often written as a story or fable. These books are approachable, useful and may help encourage more people to read. They pack a solid punch in a small package. Read some of my favorites! I think you'll quickly agree with my assessment and understand why they have such universal appeal.

Books About Consulting: Internal or External
Want to learn more about starting and managing a consulting practice? These books will help you grow a professional, successful consulting practice. Learn more!

Profiles in Diversity Journal
Diversity Journal highlights what companies and organizations are doing to both promote and benefit from diverse staff members.

Free Human Resources Newsletter
Subscribe to the free Human Resources newsletter to learn about updated content on the HR site. Get up-to-the-minute information about news and happenings in the HR world. Subscribe for the most recent articles, content updates, and personalized messages for you.

Career Magazine
Career Magazine is devoted to helping you advance your career. Unusually helpful group of articles is enhanced by job search services and other career advancement tools.

Harvard Business School Publishing: Human Resources
General publisher of management and business books and journals.

HR Magazine
Premier publication of the Society for Human Resource Management. Up-to-date HR trends, issue review, and articles of interest are available in this monthly publication.

Incentive Magazine
The publication is devoted to performance improvement, raising employee morale and motivation through the use of incentive programs.

One of the leading publishers of Human Resources related books including topics such as leadership, general business, training and development, and workplace issues.

McGraw Hill Professional Publishing
McGraw Hill publishes general business, management, and training and development titles of interest to About HR readers.

People Management
People Management is the leading UK-based resource that serves people managing functions that serve people. It is the magazine of the Institute of Personnel and Development, an organization that reaches 100,000 people in HR fields.

If you give presentations, train groups or individuals, or speak at conventions, you will appreciate this resource. The magazine offers articles to improve your speaking skills and reviews of the latest in audio-visual and multimedia presentation tools.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Publisher of professional books for the Human Resources audience. Parent company of Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

Workforce is an online and print publication specializing in the issues and problems that face the HR leader every day. I appreciate the practical approach of this resource. It also has an online newsletter.

Workplace Today
A Canadian publication that focuses on HR and workplace issues and topics.

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