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Genentech: Best Companies' Practices


The Business of Genentech:

Develops and produces drugs that cure diseases.

Headquarters: South San Francisco, CA

Industry: Biotechnology

Founded: 1976

Genentech Website

Genentech Is a Best Place to Work:

Genentech has a mission, vision, and cultural values that thoroughly engage staff. Ninety-five percent of Genentech employees own stock in their best company. Genentech is philanthropically and community outreach oriented. Genentech provides a leading edge package of benefits and perks to their employees.

Best Companies' Culture, Mission, Vision, Products:

These statements and goals tell you about the company’s purpose and direction:

  • In business for life.
  • Work that really matters.
  • Curing cancer.
  • Collaboration is a way of life.
  • Long-term, high risk research.
  • Wants to imbue employees with idealism.
  • Research Review Committee centered.

More about the Genentech company and the Genentech culture.

Best Companies' Core Values:

Genentech’s Core and Other Values appear to include:

  • Diversity.
  • Commitment to improving health.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Non-hierarchical management structure.
  • Trust and respect.
  • Teamwork.
  • Commitment to employee happiness and well-being.

Additional Genentech Values.

Best Companies' Philanthropic and Community Outreach:

Philanthropical Outlook:

  • The Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences is an independent, nonprofit organization that supplies support to biomedical education and research to schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Donates millions of dollars of drugs to uninsured and underinsured members of the community.
  • Enables employee community service and donations.

Best Companies' Employee Benefits and Perks:

Genentech appears to be an employee-valuing company that provides outstanding benefits for their employees.

  • Ninety-five percent of employees are shareholders.
  • Workers are polled weekly to find complaints and to make sure things in the company are working.
  • Tuition assistance.
  • Lending library.
  • Full cost of Bay-area gym membership.
  • Business casual attire.
  • Free cappuccino, java, and iced tea.
  • Made-to-order sushi in egalitarian lunch rooms.
  • Friday night keg parties (Ho-Hos).

Best Companies' Employee Benefits and Perks:

Additional benefits for working at Genentech:

  • Scientists spend 20 percent of their work week on pet projects.
  • Offers sabbaticals to avoid burnout.
  • Daycare and nursing rooms.
  • Concierge service.
  • Campus overlooks San Francisco Bay; has shuttle busses and bicycles.
  • Milestones are celebrated with T-shirts and sometimes huge parties with celebrity bands.
  • Parking is first-come, first-served.
  • Company store on campus.
  • Company store online.
  • Halloween costume dress-up.

Biggest Challenges With People:

Several of Genentech's challenges with regard to people appear to be:

  • How to attract the best and brightest employees who may be asked to make up to 5-6 visits and participate in 20 interviews to get a job at Genentech.
  • Want to avoid hiring people who are preoccupied with salary, title, and personal advancement.
  • The need to assimilate culturally up to 150 new hires a month.

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