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Background Checks: Reference Checks, Employment History, More

Background checks including reference checks, education history checks, employment history checks, and talking with former supervisors are increasingly important. Some surveys indicate that up to 64% of candidates lie about their backgrounds, so background checks are safeguards for employers. Know who you're hiring by doing effective background checks.

Research Candidates Online: Do You Research Prospective Employees?
The use of social and professional networking sites online to research and background check prospective employees and employees is increasing. So is the use of search engines such as Google. And employers are making hiring decisions based on the information they find. Is this right? Or, is the practice discriminatory and unethical. Do you...

Background Checks
Do you do background checks when you hire an employee? I hope so. It's a critical component in hiring to verify the credentials of your candidates. Find out five keys to effective pre-screening.

Reference Checking
Do you spend time and energy on reference checking? I hope so. Reference checking is the key background check you need to do before hiring an employee. Don't be surprised later. Find out more.

Manage Social Media Job References
Using social media for background checking and job references is tricky territory. As an employer, make sure you know what you can expect to find and how to use social media appropriately and in a non-discriminatory manner.

Do You Know Who Youre Hiring?
Think resume checking and candidate background checking is a poor use of your time? Think again. During times of economic challenge, checking the background and credentials of your potential employee becomes even more important. Fraud is rampant. Job searchers are desperate. Employers are being duped. Why not find out those less than stellar...

7 Best Practices for Employment Background Checks
Do you do background checks? They're essential when you hire an employee, but there are legal and discrimination issues to avoid. Find out how to do an effective legal background check.

Honor the Social Media Privacy of Job Searchers
Background checks for prospective employees is a critical step in recruitment as is checking social media websites to confirm your good choices in hires. But, asking for passwords to do background checks in private social media sites is over the top. Find out more.

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