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Attendance Policy and Absenteeism Policy Samples and Examples

An effective attendance policy or absenteeism policy helps your business ensure employee attendance to accomplish work. Depending on the type of work, the attendance policy or absenteeism policy may designate the number of days on which employees can be absent from work. A fair and consistently administered attendance policy or absenteeism policy is critical for business success.

Your Best Excuses From Tardy Employees
Have stories to tell about excuses employees make when they're tardy for work? I've heard lots of strange, fabricated, wild, crazy excuses about why employees are tardy for work. One of my best excuses ever was the afternoon shift employee who was tardy for work and claimed that her grandfather's funeral had run much longer than expected -...

The Role of the Supervisor in Managing Absenteeism
Did you know that almost two out of three employees who are absent from work are not ill? Managing absenteeism is the job of the front line supervisor who makes certain that employees understand and abide by attendance policies. Find out how.

Sample Hourly Employee Attendance Policy
Do you need an hourly employee attendance policy? Here's a sample policy that you can modify to suit your organization. It rewards excellent attendance and addresses employees who have poor attendance.

Definition of absenteeism for the human resources glossary of human resources related terms.

Need to know more about the concept of attendance at work?Find out more about attendance and see a sample no-fault attendance policy.

What Is a Scheduled Absence?
What is an absence? Make sure it's defined in your employee handbook. Find out more about absences.

Absenteeism Policy and Definition
Here's the definition of absenteeism policy for the HR dictionary. Find out more about an absenteeism policy.

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