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HR Roles and Responsibilities

Want to understand the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources staff? Roles and responsibilities that are the most important, and that significantly serve the organization, may not be found in the HR job description. HR staff have a balance to maintain as they play the roles of both employee and company advocates. Find out more about the work of HR.

Readers Share Thoughts about What Annoys HR Managers
Interested in knowing what annoys HR managers? Readers have shared thoughts on how to annoy HR - or much better - use these responses to know how to avoid annoying your HR manager. Find out

What Does a Human Resources Manager, HR Generalist, or HR Director Do?
Interested in the roles and responsibilities of the people who work in Human Resources? Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the HR manager, the HR generalist and the HR director.

The New Roles of the Human Resource Professional
Are you ready for the next decade of change and evolution in HR systems, management, and roles?The role of the Human Resources professional is changing radically: think strategic business partner, employee advocate, and change management. Are you on the bus or will it pass you by?

Top Priorities When You're Creating a New HR Department
Need tips about how to start your career out right in Human Resources? These five tips will help you quickly become effective and successful in your new HR role by capitalizing on your strengths and learning what you can do for the business.

5 Tips for New HR Professionals
Need tips about how to start your career out right in Human Resources? These five tips will help you quickly become effective and successful in your new HR role by capitalizing on your strengths and learning what you can do for the business.

Are You an HR Dinosaur?
Do you and your department stick with outmoded practices and priorities? Have you adopted technology solutions for former roles and responsibilities. I hope so. Find out more.

How HR Thinks
The employee question seems simple, straight-forward, and easy to answer. Right? Not if your job is in Human Resources. Even a simple employee question raises countless red flags for an employer’s HR team. HR walks that five-pronged path. How does HR satisfy all five stakeholders while treating the current employee fairly? Use the quest for an...

HR Can Build Your Brand
Want five areas in which HR can have an impact on turning employees into brand ambassadors for your organization? See how to develop your employees into brand ambassadors who attract and recruit the talent you need.

Please Don't Let HR Be Misunderstood
The most common email I receive recounts a Human Resources horror story. Employees tell me endless stories about how they were treated by their HR staff person. They describe HR officials as uncaring, incompetent, and clueless. They accuse HR staff of being out of touch with the needs of employees and favoring management and the company line...

A New Role for HR: Support Your Company's Brand
HR needs to support the business and emotional importance of your organization's brand if you want a seat at the strategy table. You need to identify the people aspects of the business that you can manage to tie HR firmly to your business goals.

Reinventing HR from the Classroom to the Boardroom
We need to reinvent the field of HR in our HR educational programs and in our businesses. HR needs to be more strategic to gain a seat at the “proverbial” table, and we need to be more business-oriented. However, the whole HR community must invest to educate, certify, and mentor HR professionals, or we will never see the industry gain the...

The Human Resources Department As a Profitability Factor
Can you ask for profitability from your Human Resources department? You can ask your HR department for innovative business solutions and to tie processes and programs to your organization's bottom line. Find out more about the HR role.

Memorable Firsts in Human Resources Management
Anyone who works in human resources management knows that the job comes with great joys and great sorrows. And all along the way, memorable first moments with people occur. Sometimes you feel prepared for the moments; some sneak up and surprise you. Whether you're new to management, starting a department, or just looking for a refresher, these...

The HR Role in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
When companies are global, an important challenge in garnering success is to respect other cultures and workforce environments and start forming a global profile or social consciousness. Recognize these differences with a sound Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan that can simultaneously increase shareholder value, boost employee...

You Know You're in HR When...
Readers write to share the problems they experience with their HR department. The problems shared often involve a failure to communicate, a misunderstanding of employee confidentiality, or a less than satisfactory outcome in the mind of the person writing. Employees just don't get the multiple roles played by HR. Are you misunderstood, avoided, loved, feared?

Common Mistakes in HR Practices - Common Mistakes in HR Practices
Everyone who works in Human Resources makes mistakes at one point or another in their HR practices. I'm not sure I've ever dealt with an HR question that didn't involve mistakes in HR practices. Common mistakes, too, since they cross my desk repeatedly. Between changes in employment law, supporting company initiatives, and walking the fine line...

Tips for Effective Coaching
Know that one of the Human Resources professional's most significant roles is the ability to coach and train managers to effectively manage their employees? These tips will help you become a successful HR coach.

What Is the Importance of Human Resources Management?
Want information about the importance of Human Resources management? Because HR touches every department and every employee, HR plays a significant role in the life of organizations.

What Are Your Memorable Firsts in HR? Readers Respond
Whether you are a manager, a business owner, or a Human Resources staff person, you have to start somewhere in your firsts with people. Your first hire, your first disciplinary issue, your first loss of a valued employee all leave a memorable impression. Share your memorable Human Resources Management firsts.

Top Human Resources Trends of the Decade - Readers Share Their Top Hu…
Now that you have had a look at the top ten Human Resources trends I've presented, plus several of my runner ups, what are your top Human Resources trends of this past decade? Do you agree or disagree with the Human Resources trends I have selected? Share yours. What did I miss on my list of HR trends of this past decade?

10 Things You Should Never Tell HR
Are there topics that you shouldn't discuss with Human Resources staff? Information that you don't want to share with your HR staff? You bet. Here are ten of them.

Recommendations for the Welcoming Human Resource Office
You want to aim for a highly functional, welcoming Human Resources office. Here are the components that will create this environment. Learn more.

How to Land a Human Resources Job
Interested in a career and job in Human Resources? These are the steps you need to follow to accomplish your career choice: a job in HR. They provide a roadmap for your success.

Want a Successful Career in HR?
Follow these suggestions to create a successful career in HR. Strike the right balance between helping employees and influencing managers. Manage the challenges of employment law and support your company's strategic direction. Here's how.

How to Annoy Your HR Manager
Want to annoy your Human Resources Manager - or conversely, avoid behavior that will make your HR manager unhappy? Here are actions and behaviors you will want to avoid.

Inform Manager of Internal Job Search?
Did the HR manager behave unethically or did the employee breach an organization norm when she failed to tell her manager about her internal job search? Or was neither party in the wrong?

Human Resources Job Titles
Are you interested in the type of job titles that are available for use by employees who work in the Human Resources department? Here are 65+ sample titles for you to see and use.

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